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well. well, well, well.

this is just peachy.

Some chick just wrote to me and showed me a story she "wrote" for her writing class which she claims to have gotten a perfect score on. She said she told her teacher it was "inspired" by an online writer named Aja, and the teacher said it was okay as long as it wasn't too much like the original story.

It's a word-for-word copy of my fic Assurance.

She didn't even bother to *paraphrase*. she just moved things around and changed Harry's pov from a "he" to a "she."

And I'm supposed to, what, absolve her? "Yeah, sure, here, take more of my stories, maybe you'll get an 'A' for the term!"

I mean, sure, maybe this is karmic justice in a sense, but WORD FOR WORD for a GRADED ASSIGNMENT IS SO FUCKING NOT COOL.

Why am i suddenly angry all the time around here lately?! *scowls*

And I have to write her back and I'm really not looking forward to it.

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