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*is very happy* Cassie posted A Season in Hell. I know I don't need to link to it because all of you people are probably ten steps ahead of me and reading it right now, but there it is. I'm so excited. I don't have words for how good this particular story is. It's unlike any new H/D fic I've read in a very long time, and I can't wait to see the general reaction to it. *bounces excitedly*

And seren_himitsu posted the most adorably DV Slashlet, which you all must read, especially if you're in the mood for something light after having read A Season in Hell. If you're in a poetry mood, kessie has written a lovely poem vaguely inspired by LUW, which I really like--especially since I'm even worse at writing poetry than I am at writing het smut. And don't even ask how that's going. :D

In other news, I went ahead and redid my main page layout, because, hey, it beats writing Draco/Ginny smut. Knowing me it's probably unviewable on every other computer in the world but my own, but anyway, there it is--please tell me what you think. And massive hugs and schnoogles and glomps to ali_wildgoose, whose art is the main reason I redid it. *smooch*

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