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... oy. I have a to-do list a mile long. In the meantime....



For everyone who's been looking forward to the Het Challenge results:

  • Blaise/Ginny by pingviini. With a huge helping of H/D on the side, because I know my Mia. (*schnoogles*) And this story--god, this woman can write like nobody's business. She makes me die of joy and envy a little every time I read her writing. Go, read, and enjoy.

  • Viktor/Cho by lasultrix. Hot, dark, obsessive, and Las has SO much fun with her inner lesbian, it's ridiculous. :D


  • </u> fearlessdiva's Tissue of Silver. I just spent the greater part of my day failing to write my theatre review because I was enthralled with reading this story. I have no idea what the title means, I really think the ending is too sudden and abrupt, but the slow steady delectable H/D buildup is marvelous, as is the lovely in-characterness of everyone, and particularly the lovely correspondence between Draco and Snape. Harry's a little doll, Draco is adorable, and moments of this fic are as gushy and romantic and perfectly romantic in that wonderful way you never get tired of, like watching Beauty and the Beast again and again. It's also got a great courtroom drama, forensic potion analysis (okay, so it's Disney meets Matlock), and a hot club scene. Dammit, she wrote the club scene that I've shamelessly been wanting to write for the last month or so! Now I cannot write it because she wrote it and it is hot! She makes everything seem plausible, too, from crack-sniffing Draco to Harry the Shy, Unassuming Wine Expert. *swoons*

In short, despite an anti-climactic ending that I think is weak, containing several plot holes that need ironing out in a revision, I thoroughly enjoyed and eagerly recommend this fic. Edited to add: fearlessdiva has since informed me that this is a rough work, still under revision. Think of it when you read it as a first draft. A bloody good first draft. It's just delightul. See? Look:

Harry obeyed, removing first the new robes and then the old shirt. It didn't occur to him to be self-conscious, he'd spent his whole life undressing in front of other men in locker rooms, after all; walking around without a shirt was hardly a big deal. But then he looked up to take the new shirt from Malfoy and saw the look on his face. It was something hungry, and flirtatious, and raw, and sparkling. Something dazzling. Harry suddenly felt more naked than he'd ever felt in his life, but he was curiously warmed by it. To put that look on Draco Malfoy's face felt like an accomplishment, and that was damn confusing.

Malfoy gave him the 'surprised pleasure' version of the Malfoy Eyebrow. Malfoy had an eyebrow for all occasions.


See? Isn't that delightful?? * swoons* Go. Go read! *bounces*

  • Prologue to The Promised End, verdant's stunning new H/D that i've been on pins and needles for months now to see more of. I will swear up and down that lovely Verdant is one of the finest writers in this fandom, and after you've read the newly posted chapters of TPE you'll agree with me. I can't wait til she posts them. Really. It's like the fandom's sitting on a bombshell and has no idea what this woman can do. *drools*

Okay, what's up with Armchair Chat? Can people get in or what??

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