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Fic Rec of the Day: Wah. Too too beautiful, too too sad. *cries and loves*

Those of you who were around in the Armchair Chat to witness me gibbering last night, well. Shalott is among us. Shalott, my goddess. I feel like a groupie. The last time I went this excited and gibbery over somebody was when I met my god 3 years ago. And he is my personal god, my life's muse, my soul's venerated guide to being. And then there is Shalott. If I were her i'd be scared at the sheer amount of fangirl love coming her way. I mean, if I were a care bear she'd be stared to death. But I can't help it! I just can't help myself, it's an addiction, it's, it's...Shalott. *sigh*

Aja: i am But A Fangirl to her. *wails* it's just...I love her...so much...I...my heart...I...*swoon*
Maya: *giggles* you know the piece I was most impressed with?
Maya: Deep As You Go.
Maya: I feel very innovative. No WotH preferences for me. *looks elitelike and discerning*
Aja: I emailed her a long time ago and asked her if i could write a sequel to it. Now that she is back I am hoping we can convince her to write one herself.
Maya: *eyes bug out* I MUST HAVE A SEQUEL.
Aja: Yearning!Harry is perfect.
Aja: and there is SO much potential in DAYG for UnexpectedlyInLove!Draco!!!!
Maya: oh yes. oh he's so in love.
Aja: i knowwwwww
Aja: he needs to fish Harry out of the rushes and give him passionate CPR
Aja: *bounces*
Maya: I think they need to have a talk and then some nice tender sex.
Aja: i think they need to have a screaming match because draco is so Enraged (tm) that harry could do that to him
Maya: awwwwwwww
Aja: and then they can throw things at each other and have emotionally wraught sex and then have a deeply heartfelt afterglow conversation
Maya: and then be in great deep loff, and overcome the trauma of past events, and Heal Each Other
Aja: YES.
Aja: And continue to fuck each other madly in the Malfoy Manor tower
Aja: only without the intention of jumping out the windows

Aja: I feel like a groupie.
Maya: *groups behind you* Well, for Cassie. shalott, I'll have to think about.
Aja: Shalott, shalott, shalott, shalott. *mush*
Aja: with cassie, though, i can't love her writing any more than i love her. i'm not a fangirl of her stories as much as i just adore her.
Aja: wait, that didn't sound right.
Aja: i adore her stories, and worship them
Aja: but my love goes toward the whole package
Maya: ah. well, due to my intense scared fangirl newbie t00bness, while certainly liking her from her lj posts and armchair chats and stuff, I don't know her that well. Thus, she may begin randomly chopping up babies and serving them with salad and I will sit happily back and read the pretty H/D.
Aja: if she began randomly chopping up babies and serving them with salad i would probably remove her to a remote cabin in montana away from the police, lower all the shades, and say, this is nice but it needs more salt. whereth the slash?
Maya: I do not like salad. But I might join you in the cabin, thoughtfully picking the baby pieces out, and say 'Have you read Misery? Hmmm. Just a question. Where's the slash?'

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