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Art & Poetry

Footies! How cute is this?! *squees* karabou, that's adorable.

Harry/Flobberworm. Not as bad as it sounds, really, but still not for the faint of heart. Really, don't ask me where i find some of this stuff.

Armchair Slash Banner.
Thank you to kerrykins for making this. :)

"Three sorts of serpents do resemble thee"

Three sorts of serpents do resemble thee:
That dangerous eye-killing cockatrice,
The enchanting siren, which doth so entice,
The weeping crocodile--these vile pernicious three.
The basilisk his nature takes from thee,
Who for my life in secret wait dost lie,
And to my heart sendst poison from thine eye:
Thus do I feel the pain, the cause, yet cannot see.
Fair-maid no more, but Mer-maid be thy name,
Who with thy sweet alluring harmony
Hast played the thief, and stolen my heart from me,
And like a tyrant makst my grief thy game:
Thou crocodile, who when thou hast me slain,
Lamentst my death, with tears of thy disdain.

--- Michael Drayton, 563-1631

Thanks to way2 for sending me this. This doesn't remind us of anyone we know, does it? *grin* well, aside from the whole 'maiden' thing. *pets pining-for-harry!draco*
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