let's get the seven lines. (bookshop) wrote,
let's get the seven lines.

Maybe there's a side of us that wants to be denied.

I'm fascinated by Tom Hardy but I think I spend most of my time in Arthur's head, trying to figure out what on earth is at the center of that labyrinth. (I think Eames is a cakewalk, but I'm pretty sure I've got him pegged all wrong. I just don't fixate on solving him because to me he's easy. But I don't know. I just don't know.)

Today I walked through my city and I wondered if buildings could fold in on themselves like legos, and then I wondered if Arthur wonders this, too, when he walks around in broad daylight.

And then I thought about how sad and grey Inception is, how it's not really about the ~magic of dreaming~ at all; it's really about how we kind of always wake up from a dream feeling a little bereft and sad, and only rarely truly changed; maybe it's even about how we supplant the grittiness of our lives and our own inadequacies onto the deepest parts of ourselves, so that to get truly to the core of ourselves, where we hide our deepest desires about who and what we want to be, sometimes we just have to go deeper. And sometimes we can't ever go deep enough.

I really love this film. I wish there was more fandom meta about the film itself going around, and not just whether or not Arthur wears suits, rofl. But maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place!

(In any case, the important matter isn't even whether Arthur wears suits or not--but rather, regardless of what clothes he's wearing, he allows Eames to peel them off.)
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