let's get the seven lines. (bookshop) wrote,
let's get the seven lines.

Dude! okay, whew

.....okay, the shift key is working properly now. Just wanted to say a couple of things:

1) Chapter 11 of Irresistible Poison appeared yesterday. I love/hate you, Rhysenn.
2) Tea Party is so good. Check out "Shadows on the Mountainside" and then the one song about the Hills or, yeah.
3) I need to write RQ. I haven't done that in forever.
4) oh, oh, yeah. The SF dream Angela refers to: so funny. She has these really visceral (ooh, new fave word! yay visceral!) dreams that work on so many symbolic levels, and, yeah, basically she had a freaky-weird-ass dream about the RQ and R and me and SF and probably some more initials that I'm leaving out. But the point being she told me and I was kinda blown away. And speaking of getting blown,
5) I can't believe my feedback to Veronica's donut was 20 pages long. :) And that she's still speaking to me now. "I loooove youuuu!" *grins*
6) Dude. I'm hungry. I want Steak and Shake. Like, NOW.
7) It is so hard to feel bad about life when you have a happy kitten at your disposal.
8) I gotta go back to school though, for real, next week. *sticks out tongue at school*
9) I'm ending this on nine because it's my lucky number, and with my favorite line from Chapter 11 of Love Under Will (which also happens to be my favorite chapter, which probably explains why with all the bittersweetness I wound up dedicating it to the Initial) :

This was the only thing he ever wanted to feel: all of Harry, wrapped around him, heart, mind, soul, and body inescapably conjoined with his, rising and falling within him with every breath he took. He was a door with only one key, and he was being unlocked now: Harry's hand was on the handle and he was thrusting inside, pushing him ajar, opening his heart.

I'm honored to be writing something that touches me this much, even if it is just silly slash.
Tags: h/d, life, luw

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