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space team electra...

dude...this band kicks ass. *is listening to "Shadow" and thinking how perfectly Shadow/Veronica this song is*

And I now have *five* reviews for Love Under Will.

Oooooh! This is perfect!! I love it! Please continue soon! I have to go add this to my favorites now! ~_^
This is a really fantastic story. Write some more soon, please.
Wow! Great story. Write more soon! ^_~
WHhhhhaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very good!!! I love this story a LOT!!! please write more soon, you are a very excellent writer. I read striptease...hehehe, that was just as awesome. But this one holds something different...I really love it, the way you portray everything. You sure this is only your second story? You are really good, please update as soon as you can!

awww... feedback makes me soooo happy. if only i could cure Weasley of jumping on the desk. It wouldn't bother me except he always goes after the mouse...right when i'm using it....

Dude!!! I get to go deposit $1200 bucks in my bank account *and* pick up Veronica's cd package, like, now! as soon as i can make myself leave the "refresh" button for my reviews... :)
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