April 29th, 2002

I am going to hell for this.

I. First things first.

Me: i'm about to do the most horrible thing.
Jen: um?
Me: i'm going to put a fic rec on my journal.
Jen: why is that horrible?
Me: because it's Lucius/Draco--Draco/Snape.
Jen: :-X
Me: haha
Me: and it's got mandrakes being skinned alive on a potions table.
Me: it's horrible. it's angsty. i love it.
Jen: *cries*

What can I say? I wanted smut. I found this. And I really like it. The style, the tone, the way it reads. I blame you for this. "This fandom has warped my fragile little mind!" *snerk*

II. Love.
I love you all. I love you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you, and you. Hell, I even love you. I love everyone.

III. Blah

My name is pronounced "Asia" like the continent. :) Now you know.

I love Nancy. Listen to this:
vanityfair: you have certainly given me a new respect for Tom. well, a deeper respect.
tmriddle: How's that?
vanityfair: ...his motivations. his hurt, his pain, his humanity, they all seem so real now.
tmriddle: hey, JKR told us all we needed to know about him when she made him an orphan. When he talked about not wanting to go back to the orphanage during CoS I was like aha!
tmriddle: And anyone like him is just compensating...he has been so deeply hurt that he vowed he'd never be hurt like that again. and he put up a wall.
tmriddle: the wall became thicker and higher, and then the magic lured him in, and he became Voldemort. His heart is buried so deeply that he couldn't find it now if he tried. Nor would he want to.
vanityfair: ... wow.
tmriddle: that's how I see it.

other than that....*yawn* ....I have nothing to say.
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Shameless Self-Promotion! Yes! Yes! Everywhere!

I. Shameless Self-Promotion of My Journal:
For the first time my journal has over 20 comments on a single post. It's turning into a message board thread on the history of HP slash! go look! *is proud, hee*

Oh, and have I mentioned yet today how proud I am of my layout?

II. Shameless Self-Promotion of Me As A Cone:

Take the "What kind of cone are you?" Test

created by sami

Normally I wouldn't post the quiz results without cutting away but... cone? that's just too friggin' funny, yo. *laugh*

III. Shameless Self-Promotion of My Mailing List:

So, like, Frances and I have our own cool-ass mailing list to discuss all things concerning to Harry/Draco-ness, yo, and, like, the membership keeps going up and up (322 this afternoon!), which I *think* means that it's a good thing, as far as mailing lists go.

Join us. We Rule:

IV. Shameless Self-Promotion of WebMail:

Nobody knows this but back a while ago I got bored and created a webmail account at zzn.com (I love them--the only web-based mail account that doesn't screw me over at least thirty times a day) solely for HP Slash fans. Go! check it out! Grab your own slashy email addy and let everyone know how much you love hpslash!

V. Shameless Self-Promotion of A KickAss Website:

Go see what all the fuss is about:

VI. Shameless Self-Promotion of Fiction:

You know, I re-read the first 4 chapters of this this morning and was amazed at how unpolished it was. Ha. *shrug* Oh well. I'm gonna promote it anyway!

I wrote a story. You can read it here, here, here, or here.

VII. Shameless Self-Promotion of Me:

Reading the essay that velvetrain linked to yesterday reminded me all over again how glad I am to be who I am, and to have come from a place where I was constantly told how fat I was, that I could never be a good actress unless I lost weight, that I would never fall in love, never be truly successful or happy-- to a place where finally not everything comes down to what I look like because I stopped buying into all those shitty cultural assumptions about how I was *supposed* to look. I said 'fuck you all,' and I've been happy ever since. And people *gasp* still like me! So hell, take a look:

Lookit! Aren't I pretty? *grin* Yes, I am a Lane Bryant woman. And oh so happy to be, too. How many women can say that about their bodies? *swathes soul in self-love*

VIII. Top-5 list of things you will NEVER see promoted on this site:
(God, this could have been longer):

5. Harry/Ginny. Neuter that vapid female, indeed.
4. Gay!Ron. Oh, please. Unless it's being done by you or you, or possibly even you, I don't even want to hear it. *recoils in disgust, much like Straight!Ron would do when faced with a gay pairing*
3. Tentacle Sex. (unless, again, you write it--and no, that's not a suggestion for conquering your current slash blahs.)
2. Harry/Sirius. --No. Again, a thousand times, No.
1. Pregnant/Hermaphrodite!H/D. <------------------- I have nothing to add.

*looks over this post, is satisfied, bows out*
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