June 18th, 2002

I love my Betas

Heeeeeeee. I interrupt my scheduled writing to mock myself, courtesy of Franzi and Morgan.

What I wrote: Draco kissed back slowly, wondering if Harry could sense on his lips what was already rooted too deeply within him for words.

What Franzi said: Urk. PurpleProsometer off the cheese scale! "Rooted too deeply within him"? Perhaps I could interest you in a can of Mrs. Simpson's All Purpose Detritefier? I know it's hard to write about things that the character specifically can't explain in words, but try a bit more. I'd only go for the 'rooted' thing if you A. want love to sound like a poisonous fungus and B. are going for a plant metaphor. Granted, you had that plant at the beginning, so plant metaphors would not be out of place, but I haven't seen you going anywhere with that before, so I wouldn't start now. Oh, and avoid pretty much anything I do in my commentary like run-on sentences etc. *grin*


Oh, and this from slightlights just cracked me up to no end: Am having a little less sympathy for Draco here; am thinking, 'woe, woe, teenage woe, woe, woe, because it's all about you because you're in LO...WANT, isn't it, and never mind your mother or anyone else but sex.'


The following is a note on NA, no longer cut specifically for Stacey, because she is a *insert insult of your choice here* who has finally gone on her merry way and left us all alone to t00b as we please:

I no longer love Madame Hooch, as she has completely lost my respect by shagging Snape (though I still think it might have been Sinistra, while Hooch watched). I still roll my eyes at Remus & Sirius' rampant bouts of PDA, while today my favorite person is crabbe. Hurrah!!! Someone finally saw fit to redeem Millicent! I always did like Millicent. (I really want to write a fic someday where I pair her up with Parvati, whom I also really like.) It was so nice to read Crabbe's rather sweet account of her and the ball, and of a couple who had a relatively uneventful time. I personally found their date the most charming of the evening. And I will cry if anybody calls Millicent ugly. That said, Ron and Herm really *are* cute.

Right. Back to writing.
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(no subject)


No NA updates.
No DMHS updates.
I do not feel like writing or betaing anyone's fic.
No one's online.
Every time I blink I think my contacts are sticking to the insides of my eyelids.

Oh, quick question: Stacey, did you take down your site? I knew you took down TwaV but I wasn't aware you had taken down the site itself. Maybe it's a GeoShitties thing. I stopped by earlier (before the cut-tag thing) because I wanted your email addy. If you don't mind, could you email me or let me know it so I could email you? aromano@indiana.edu. Thanks.

I would just like to thank titanic_days for introducing me to the Kinks. I mean, I knew a few of their songs and knew who they were, but he really got me listening to them. Kirsty Mcoll too, but not as much. I really love the Kinks. Cool and fun and laidback and easy and just... nice. Thanks, Alex.

In other news, I heard some crazy rumor that thegraybook's fic is H/H. Those blasphemers. *snicker*
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(no subject)

Tonight is one of those perfect, hot June nights that inevitably make you think of your high school sweetheart, drive-in movies, and Grease. There's a gorgeous glowing half-moon in the sky: it's filtering dim light over everything, fireflies are glittering over the fields, and my community radio is playing the most gorgeous mix of Celtic music that ever made you think of faerie rings and far-away lochs.

It is a magnificent evening here in Bloomington.

I had my first tremor today. And my friends knew about it almost before I did. Me: dude. I think I just experienced an earthquake. Everybody else: Oh, yeah, I just heard about that on CNN. *laughs*

Checked out Ice Age tonight after a really long time wanting to see it. However much I detest the fact that all the movie theatres in town are owned by one evil monopolistic corporation, I love the fact that it allows us to see so many movies for such a long time in the theatre. LotR only stopped playing in the dollar theatre about 2, 3 weeks ago I think. It's nice. Although I have to say that it just shows how hard up I am for company that I think I developed a crush on the saber-toothed tiger. (Can I help him if he reminded me of Malfoy? Diego...Draco... It works! Really!)

Over my Outrageous Parfait (hold the almonds) at the 3rd street Steak n Shake, I demolished my print-out of Chapter One of Malfoy, P.I.. Plu has already recced this fic to the skies. But see, I know something none of the rest of you know. Maybe Jen. Ah, yes. I know what happens next. Oh, yes. And I know that this fic gets even better. And better. And oh, yes, yes, YES-- better still. Trust me. I'm almost more attached to Nancy's characters in this story than I am to my own. I love them wholeheartedly. You will too. She's found an unmatchable niche with this story. You won't believe me til you read it. So go. GO.

And I also know that if you all don't go read Malfoy, P.I. and review it to death, I will personally come find you and hurt you. Bwahaha.

Oh, and, uh, that wonderful summary that just draws you in and makes you want to read? I wrote that. Oh, yes. I truly do rule. *Smirks* Now if I could only manage to write a decent summary for my own damn fic. Gah! *strangles self*

And, uh... while I'm squeeing, look away, lasracha --

Chapter 21 is finally up.

*Laugh* You know, I really and truly had the most unbelievable day. The best part is that for the most part I got to spend it commiserating with people who love me. That's the most wonderful feeling imaginable. I also got to hang with cellardoor for a while--not long enough, muah-- and I officially had something like a five-hour conversation with thegraybook wherein I DID NOT ONCE MENTION DV SLASH. ...okay, so maybe I did once. But just once! Go on, you can ask her! She's over there in the corner smirking at me and doing naughty things with her little Harry and Draco action figures just to drive me batty. :p

It really is such a beautiful night tonight.

Oooh! heinous_bitca!!! I meant to email you back today and I was SOOO caught up with things... Eeeeeek. Pleeease forgive me for that, okay? I am getting so horrendous about email lately. It's like, why email, aren't people always online anyway? *rolls eyes* Anyway, I'll do it soon, I promise. Thank you. :)

I am on the world's biggest sugar high, and frankly, I deserve to be. It feels goood. I'm thinking of mixing all the sugar with a nice bottle of red wine and chilling out with Drake, I mean, Malfoy, P.I.. And--hahaha, you suckers. I know something you don't know about Malfoy, P.I.--- he does a horrid rendition of "Dude Looks Like a Lady."

Everyone in the whole goddamned world wishes they were me, right at this very moment. *Lazily watches ego inflate like the bubble she's blowing with her double bubble gum at this very moment* Which really is not to say that I think I'm wonderful, but that I am very very giddy and happy, and I think you're all just the loveliest bunch of people imaginable. Muah. I love you all! Go! Be merry! Do selfish things! Kiss the people who love you! Call your mothers! Read Malfoy, P.I..! And Draco Malfoy and the Heart of Slytherin!

The one off-putting thing about tonight: I printed out the first 30 pages of DEVIATE only to realize my toner is low. *kicks printer* So my exhaustive review will have to wait. But hell, I'm still in lurk mode on C&R anyway.

Cassie and Ali and Heidi and Rach and Erin and Door and Erica and Emily and Nancy and Jen, and also Millicent Bulstrode-- much lurve to you all.

I'm outie in the 0-2. Hacha.

(This rant brought to you compliments of Red Dye #40, and by Coca-Cola.)
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