June 20th, 2002

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Isn't he adorable?

Surely I can be forgiving for swooning. He's so close to the age of consent!

Edited to say: Miss Breed informs me that Tom Felton does not in fact look adorable in this picture--that to the contrary, he looks like Ponyboy Curtis on steroids. In the interest of equality, I am pointing out her point of view fairly and objectively, before squashing it under the heel of my Orwellian (and mysteriously conspiratoral Live-Journalian) boot.
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I Spam Because I can...

And because nobody else's LJ's appear to be working.

I'm passing along this link from JediGinny, who made WONDERFUL CoS Trailer Screencaps Right here! Get 'em!

Oh, and in conjunction with Jen's link above, Miss Breed would like to say this. I am currently dying over Miss Breed's eloquence. And Jen's screen-capping talent. Smooch.

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