July 2nd, 2002

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The best parody fic I have ever read.

I love you, Erin. Muah.

Dude. I am just *floored* and stunned by the comments and in-depth feedback I'm getting on LUW 11. You people are WAY more insightful than I am. Hee. I guess this is the advantage of having a HUGE 50-post plus discussion thread on your list about ...reviewing. I am SO impressed.

Favorite reviewer comments of the day:

From Kearie: "On to the scene itself; it was very well written, though I'm
certainly not an expert on erotic scenes. I misread "Draco floated"
as "Draco farted" and momentarily lost the mood...."

From Ash: "And (perverse of me, this) I like that Harry can hit bloody hard."

From my dearest Erica: "I believe someone here earlier quoted penguin about
the impossibility of improving on perfection? The way I feel after having read this chapter is... just that."

Oh, you guys make me want to write. I love you all!

Tonight I love everyone. And my best friend from college looked so damn happy and beautiful at her wedding yesterday. So beaming and blushing and truly truly deeply in love. That's the way it's supposed to be. *sigh* So perfect. Goodnight to you all. *blows kisses and hugs*
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