July 3rd, 2002

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Dave is not the culprit. I am still pissed about the roommate thing but he is completely shocked by the livejournal anonymous posts that freaked me out, and now that i am calm and rational i see that he is not remotely responsible. Sigh.

I am an idiot. I've been flying off the handle a LOT lately, because of all the stress I've been under, and you guys have had to suffer for it. As I'm not a volatile person by nature, I just want to apologize to everyone. Forgive me? Fran? Jen, Nancy? Everyone? *sniffle*

I really hate my life right now.
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I just read phatgirlfics kitty post. I laughed. :D And then about 5 minutes later it struck me as I was browsing through LJ that Lady Stacia in Passionate Trousers is a Phat Girl cameo. I have NO idea why this never occurred to me before since both Heaving-Bosomed Stacia and Stacey herself are too intimidating for words. But it did, just now. And for some reason the thought of fat kitty-loving Stacey and the Lady Stacia I've been cheering on throughout DV being the same person just made me laugh harder.

/surprising content >

quote of the moment: hey cassie claire do you realise how famous u r in australia?

*snicker* I see malfoyeatscock is online. I shall go pester her mercilessly now.
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"I thought Malfoys never said sorry," observed Harry.

"I never thought I'd hear Harry Potter apologise to a Malfoy,"
shrugged Draco, with an ironic wave of his hand.

Harry caught hold of it in mid-air, and pulled Draco into a loose
embrace, which then somehow turned into a hug. But it wasn't a
relaxed, friendly hug, like the one Ron and Harry had shared the night
before. Harry and Draco were unused to showing physical affection
towards each other, and felt very awkward about it. And there was too
much sexual tension between them for any kind of touching to feel easy
or casual. Nevertheless, they really wanted to make up after their
row, so they let the moment stretch out. And then it became obvious
that they were both very turned on.

The latest chapter of Power Play kicks more ass than is available for kicking in this fandom.
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Fic rec of the day. It's ostensibly het--Draco/Hermione--but we all know what's *really* going on is off-stage slash, heee. It's also NC-17. "Hate" by lightbringer.

And I would just like to say again that Dahlia's latest chapter of Power Play is SO. Good. That series has gotten so much, so, so, so much better progressively. I am in thrall.

In other new, I am trying to write like Durendal. It's not working.

I love:
--malfoyeatscock, because she rules, for many many many reasons.
--verdant05, for such superb analysis of the abuse syndrome in LUW. I am not worthy of readers this intelligent.
--cellardoor for being cute and small and shy
--eleveninches for being able to write brilliant fics at the drop of a hat that I couldn't write in a year.
--pingviini for the same, and for imagery that makes my heart burst
--the Armchair
--Coca-cola classic.
--the Tea Party.
--Random Questions.
--Word Association. (sticks tongue out at Cathy)
--Dahlia for chapter seven of Power Play. Phenomenal chapter.
--Tom Riddle--specifically nmalfoy's Tom Riddle.
--Harry/Draco. It just blows every other ship out of the water, it really does. Purr.
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