July 5th, 2002

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Grrr! I just lost ALL of my Niffler review of Veela Magic, which was shaping up to be damn shibby, (please note: Aja's first-ever use of the word "shibby")--and I lost it all, compliments of Yahoo and their damn furking hellass ads in their conference!


*kicks things about*

In other news.

'Tis Fran's birthday. Frances is a wonderful, sweet, sincere person who I think would really rather harm herself before she'd intentionally harm a fly. Fran and I have been through much in the last 6 months, and I still think she's one of the sweetest, most truly adorable, kind people in the fandom.

Happy birthday, Fran. May you have everything good for yourself, today and every day. You deserve only the most wonderful, sweetest, nicest things. Much love to you.</color>

Fic Rec of the Day (Night):

This fic prompted this conversation. Thank you, Amalin.

me: the most wonderful thing. I received the most wonderful heartfelt and moving review from this chick and she had an LJ. so i went to add her. then checked her out in order to thank her. and she had posted this beautiful fic. beautiful little H/D fic.
Rach: Awww
me: so nice. I feel so ......yeah.
Rach: That's really good!
me: yeah. i'm having this, 'see, this is bigger than all of us. this is about harry. and draco. this is about harry and draco. that we're all joined in this big, ...harry/draco-ness that's more than just any one of our fics. it's about...kindred minds and hearts joining together to experience the love of H/D. Yeah.' moment.
Rach: *laughs and laughs* It is, though. It has nothing to do with the fandom. It just has to do with the fact that we all love H/D
me: it's spiritual. *clasps them to heart*
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Me and potterstinks are silently swooning. AWWWWWW.

*runs about happy* I seriously at the moment think that no one on the planet kicks more ass than Just_Harry. *sigh*
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which Tom Riddle ship are you?

Why the hell don't they have TOM/DRACO, DAMMIT??? What the hell is up with Tom/Binns?! And Tom Slash the fucking PERCY? No. OH HELL No.

IF I'm supposed to be threatened with Tom/Ginny or Tom/Binns I want my motherfucking Tom/Draco ship, dammit!

Not that I'm not slowly inexplicably starting to be slowly and inexplicably converted to Tom/Harry...

(also glances warily at **** *********)

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Check out my new layout!! I'm still fiddling with it but isn't it hot?? Thank you, Anna!!! *glomps altricial*

And while you're checking things out, check out CHAPTER 3 OF VEELA MAGIC! It's damn good!!! *prances*

I need something to do. I could write, I guess...



I've Niffled Malfoy, P.I., and Kick Flaw's "M" series, here, and here. If you like the stories, I encourage you to leave your thoughts at the review board! I'm going to fiddle with my revised review of Veela Magic right now....
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