August 26th, 2002

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Random Things:

  • Happy birthday, anatsuno!!!

  • morganmalfoy, what happened to your interviews? Did you publish them and I missed them? What became of that?

  • nmalfoy has updated YM! I can talk to her now! Yay!

  • And haha, I cannot talk to her now because i am embroiled in revising LUW 12 and torturing my faithful and patient readers. Why is that, you ask? Why, it is because slightlights is too too good and will not let me get away with using silly plot devices which I know are silly plot devices but which I use anyway.

  • I want to post music to clefnote! *wail*

Collapse ) Oh, and one other thing. I need Thelemites. Thelemites, anyone??? Someone hook me up. Pleeeeease. If you are a Thelemite and you read this, please email me! *squee* Thank you! If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please don't bother finding out. Haha. I'm so horrid.
  • Current Music
    Iris Dement, "on the wings of a dove"