August 31st, 2002

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Have you ever had two things seemingly totally unrelated suddenly collide with breathtaking clarity???

That happens to me a lot. However, this is not really like that. It's just cool.

For 7 or 8 years or so Franz Lehar's' "The Merry Widow" has been one of my all-time favourite operettas, in fact, perhaps my very favourite. (It's a toss between that and the Mikado. The first time I saw it performed I fell absolutely in love with it, especially with the Merry Widow Waltz, which I just think is the coolest song ever, and the folk song "Vilja" which is sung at the beginning of act two by the heroine.

The song, "Vilja", is absolutely gorgeous. It tells the story of a hunter who meets a woodmaiden in the forest who enchants him, seduces him, gives him the best sex of his life, and then vanishes in the morning leaving him to wander through the woods helplessly imploring her return. In English for those of you who don't know, the title is pronounced "Veel-ya." All this time I've been going around singing that song, and it never once occurred to me that the "Veelya" in the story was the Veela of Harry Potter. Even though one of the English translations I sing says, "No maiden of mortals so sweetly could kiss."

Somehow due to thoughts inspired by Clefnote I wound up rummaging around on Kazaa for a copy of that song, humming it to myself, and all at once, bam! Vilja=Veela in my puny little brain. So, in my general excitement, I thought that I would share the textual translation of the song for you all. Collapse )Collapse )
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So so sorry...

Gack. :|

I cannot cope. I am sorry. I have over 200 people on my friends list, 2-3rds of whom I don't even know, and I literally have to scroll back 200 entries for every day that I am away. It is intimidating and I keep missing important posts from people I actually do know, because I am having to skim over everyone's entries just to catch up. :((

Cannot cope.

If you are removed from my friends list, please believe it is nothing personal. *hand-wrings and cuts*
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