September 4th, 2002

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I think I've got it! I think I've finally gotten the end of my chapter figured out!


*runs around*
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it's amazing what you learn while doing google searches on "wyvern"

- This noblest of fantastic creatures is a combination of the two noblest creatures of their elements, the lion, of land, and the eagle, of air. It is an emblem of knowledge and valor, and is a guardian of kings. This majestic beast is still well known in the world for its protection and majesty.

*stares* I didn't know that! :D This, I imagine, would explain why Harry flies like an eagle...

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u really like details dont u?


Hahaha, if the rest of you KNEW how much this chapter has plagued me, you would know why i am squeeling and spinning and supremely giddy. I was just telling slightlights--erstwhile beta she is, who is very much responsible for this chapter becoming what it is :D --it's like a groove you can't quite get things to fit into, and then it snaps in place. I have been trying to fit things in grooves for bloody weeks and weeks and finally this morning over a sausage EGG mcmuffin (emphasis purely for weatherby), i finally snapped into that final groove and once there, writing it was not only easy, but SO much fun.

I always forget how caught up I get writing Harry/Draco fights. There emotion is so palpable--it catches you up in it and you really get swept up in the moment you're writing about. I hadn't had that experience with this chapter til today, and then, bam, finally I had it, and it's such a great, almost cathartic feeling. But then, I think writing is cathartic much of the time.

Am satisfied, and sending this to verdant05 and Morgan as soon as i'm done with Franzi's edits.

Holy shit. When did the Armchair get 600-plus people?! :o holy holy holy shit. *faints*

I will end with this, haha. It is too good not to share.

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i just want to know r u gay by any chance cause u really like details dont u?
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