September 5th, 2002

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First things first: Chapter 18 of It All Started With a Potion Gone Wrong is up. YAY. Just when the blight was beginning to be unbearable! *schnoogles the lovely lunarennui*

Also, for all you Jane Austen fans out there, metaphoracle, aka Malfoi, has updated Facade at long last! Eee! And there's SEX! Haha! Regency Sex--what could be more gratifying to any Austenite? *grin grin grin* (Note to the lovely, newly restored-to-us lasultrix--much easier to spell than Lasrararachrara, thank you :D --I was not kidding when I said I had two pages of notes for my Harry/Draco=Lizzy/Darcy argument that I just never typed up. Maybe I'll type it up for the G&H thread after I've finished analysing DV9, reviewed MPI 3 and the IP14 cookie and caught up on a bunch of other fic reviews *cough* Mirrors *cough* and fandom chores *cough* G&H site *cough* that I need to work on.)

Chuckle. Today shakespearechic, tomorrow, the world.

EEEK! Sidhe has drawn a DV picture I didn't know about!! :o It is gorgeous! Val, you amaze me. Mmmmm. I think this pic might be my favourite of all the DV pics you've done. Mmmmm.

And now, haha, hahaha, it's time once again for beta comments from the lovely franzeska. I know this is always MY favourite part of any beta process. *laughing too hard to type* Collapse )

After sleeping at odd intervals I stayed up most of the night making little revisions to chapter 12. I am almost afraid to send it off to be re-beta'd. *sobs* I am afraid that I will have to rewrite it again, or they will tell me that it just plain sucks and I should give up and let Harry and Draco have a happy ending just to get it over with and spare you all the pain of my writing; and I have been editing and revising it for so long it is odd to think it might actually just be done. I suppose I am having withdrawals. *Fearfully sends*

I dreamed tonight that Philip, the first guy I ever thought I was "in love" wth (read: major college crush), had just realised he was gay because of a crush he developed on Viggo Mortensen. *blinkblink* When I came across him he had just revealed his love to dear Viggo, who very haughtily thrust him away and informed him that he would have to ignore dear Philip completely from now on. Naturally, I proceeded to comfort him, but only in that purely platonic fag-hag way. :-L Hmm. Now that you mention it, had Phil been a few shades blonder he could have been a dead ringer for Draco Malfoy. *ponders this* Tsk, tsk. Poor Viggo--didn't know what he was throwing away; apparently he wasn't paying close enough attention when he read his copy of the VSD.

*Reads this all over again and dies all over again* "You know I've got game." SWOON. I haven't said lately how happy those two runts make me. Mmmmmmm.

Oooh, look, it is nearly 7 am already! I will get breakfast to go and then eat it while writing and watching the boats drift lazily over the lake! *grins and runs off*

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Buying Info: Harry Potter Nimbus 2000 Broom

We're about to wear this toy out, it's so great!, September 2, 2002
Reviewer: BarrelO'Monkeys from New Orleans, LA USA

I think the Nimbus 2000 is perfect for any age; Harry Potter fan or not! (But really, who isn't a Harry Potter fan?)
I'm 32 and enjoy riding the broom as much as my 12 yr old and 7 year old. The vibrations, along with the swooshing sounds make for a very magical journey! It is a very durable toy, as well. My only complaint is, I wish the batteries didn't run out quite so quickly! This toy is a wonderful escape into a world of imagination!


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