September 12th, 2002

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chiriko, i too, hate sopranos. :D
Happy birthday, queerasjohn!!
titanic_days, i fear your wibbly A-team wrath. just kidding.
lasultrix, i agree with you. which is why i'm glad you and i care.
thegraybook, i am still awake. i'm going to blame this on you because you called me a poo head.
epistolarie, i am SO EXCITED!
haeroq21, i love you too. and squealy too. Muah.

Oh. Ew. *brow furrows* Tough choices.

Do I want my conference submission for Nimbus 2003 to be a character analysis of Draco Malfoy, or an analysis of gender as a social construct in fan fiction?

(Oh, yeah, Cathy, that's one other hitch I forgot to mention: I have to save money for the July HP convention in Florida too! But we'd better move before then or else I'll blow all my money buying Harry Potter souvenirs and then I will never make it to New York! And I am so eager to see Cassie and Ali's infamous futon....)
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I can't believe I'm paying for this shit. Out of all the times I've said that I should have given my $40 bucks or whatever to Fiction Alley, I have NEVER felt so fucking ripped off in my life as I do at the moment.

Fuck you, Let's all write NC-17 fics and submit them under R-ratings. I don't know about you, but I could use a good banning.
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