September 21st, 2002

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Squee! It's another Harry-turns-into-a-kid fic! Haha, it's eerily adorable. :D Lullaby of a Dragon

who is this person? it's not remus or sirius. it's obviously not a weasley. who is it? and why does not knowing make me feel really dumb?

Edited to say: Um. Okay. I found out who it is. Oh, shut up. Everyone, just. Shut. Up. Nobody say a word. *runs off to drown in embarrassment*

I am watching Broken Hearts Club for the first time. It is very sweet, if a little predictably stereotypical. Is it some unspoken rule that every "gay" movie in hollywood contain jokes about Barbara Streisand and bad lighting? I mean, is camp the absolute word in gay humor? And does anybody else ever get completely boggled at the *lack* of camp in slash? I mean, are female slash writers immune to camp? Camp fics in HP are always parodies and, well, deliberately campy. Would it even be possible to portray camp as a natural part of gay culture for the kids of Hogwarts? or for *any* serious slash pairing in *any* fandom, for that matter? I just don't see it happening. I don't even know why I'm even thinking about this. Blah. Anybody up for a chat? I think I will go sit in the Armchair chat room waiting for somebody to come and find me. :D
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