October 31st, 2002

Important Armchair Info:

First things first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY. lore!!! *blows kisses*

Everybody else: Happy Halloween!!

Yo. Armchair folks, listen up.

I have updated the extended list of fics done for the Armchair fic challenge. They're on my livejournal here, but i'm about 95% sure that I haven't mentioned everyone who wrote a fic, so if you've written a fic for the armchair, could you please check the list and make sure I've got you listed--or someone else you know i might have left out? Just reply to this comment or email me directly, aromano@indiana.edu.

The Armchair list now has a FAQ. That means that you guys have to, like, read it, and it means I actually have to start following my own rules. It's also in message 1187.

November. November is going to be a hell of a wild ride for the fandom, and the Armchair is, well, we're going with the flow. You can either read Message 1198 on the list, or you can read this for a shortcut: Collapse )

I will leave you with a silly little song-parody. This is slightly dedicated to Cassie, slightly dedicated to the rest of you lovely list members on the Armchair. Muah.

"Anything Gay"

In olden days, a hint of slashing
quite often invited bashing,
But now they crave
Anything Gay!

Good authors, like Cassandra Claire, who once
Wrote het, now have a pair of ponces
To stay!
Anything Gay!

The fandom's all set today
For Saul/Jett today,
FF.net today
Has gone het today--
And DV today is H/D today,
If the fans have their say:

So though I vote for One True Pairing, I
Feel no remorse declaring a holiday:
Anything Gay!

*bows and exits to make more Armchair Posts*
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