November 20th, 2002

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Happy Birthday, antenora!!!! I'm so sorry, I have no present for you--yet--but I hope to make it up to you very shortly.

You're a wonderful friend, and the goddess of my writers' heart. If I could write tension and plots like you I'd be happy for the rest of my days. *worships at your feet* You're one of the best examples of reasons I love the fandom, and I hope you've had a *wonderful* birthday.


Oh my god. galen75 and I just spent the whole night cleaning his roommate's room. I just wrote "toom" instead, but the comparison isn't far off--his roommate has fallen into a severe depression, and probably alcoholism as well, and he's literally not cleaned his room since he moved in. It took us all night and day--well, I went to bed because I'm a wuss, (apologies to weatherby)--but we went through literally a year's worth of trash and cleaned up. I'm not kidding, we found dead mice in his dirty clothes. God knows how long they've been there. The upside--now his room looks as if we'd given it a miraculous Ricki Lake makeover, and we got to watch both Harry Potter films. Thank you, bootlegs.

Suffice it to say, now that I'm awake again, I'm taking a shower.

Oh, look, I love everyone! Including you. :D

Incidentally, I just got a review asking why I titled my last chapter "Four Letters." I was concerned when I gave it that title that the twist wouldn't be clear. Would anybody other than sarahtales care to tell me if it was obvious or oblique?
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