November 21st, 2002

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The back of my apartment looks out over this little gully of woods which is thick with foliage for half the year and barren the other half, but on this particular morning it's shrouded in a beautiful evocative blanket of mist, so thick you can't see the other side of the gorge so it looks as if the mist goes on and on forever, as if you've entered the mists of Avalon or had a scotland loch complete with fog and maybe a few covens or druids dumped in your back yard.

It's just perfect.

Today's the kind of day that makes me want to curl up in bed with a blanket and a cup of hot chocolate and write. It's the kind of day when I want to call all my friends and family and have long catch-up chats with them and tell them how much I love and miss them.

Am feeling a little wistful after a chat with hautemonde earlier about singing. Chats about singing make me wistful in general--not regretful, really; just wistful. And selfish, too--the diva in me wants my high e-flat back. Oh well. I can still sing "Vissi D'Arte" with the best of them, music degree be damned.

Maybe I'll finally be able to finish my chapter today. Maybe tomorrow I will wake up and the world will be right again. Maybe I will experience spiritual enlightenment and finally discover what it is I am meant to do with my sorry carcass. Maybe I will even get to see Harry Potter in the theatre again. white. a blank page or canvas. so many possibilities.
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SQUEE. pingviini, my goddess. *loves*

happy birthday, askta!! I realise you won't see this, but Veronica will pass along my well-wishes, I hope.

i hate tables. i can't figure out how to do them. for the life of me. i realise this puts me back in the 19th-century as far as coding and design is concerned, but there it is. i just. cannot. do. tables. bloody things. stupid livejournals. stupid layouts. Gah. all i want to do is put stuff on the right side of the page, but will it go there? Nooooooo. *crosses arms and pouts*
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Yay! I'm so excited, I have fics to talk about!! *rolls up sleeves* I was getting disappointed by the sheer dearth of them lately, but oh, wow, I have a whole slew of recs here for the bored. :D

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No new longer fics to rec this time around, but if anybody has any they'd like to advertise, point them out! please! i'm sure we could all use fresh blood!

I made a new friends' page layout, courtesy of the lovely ali_wildgoose, and yoshi. *smooches* Eventually I'll tackle my main journal page, but since I suck, oh, boy, do I suck, at making lj layouts, it will probably be later rather than sooner. Oh, and I've just been informed that you can't see my journal at ALL on a Mac. *sighs* Why can't I be good at this thing? For the amount of time I spend trying to figure out what the heck I'm doing, you think I'd learn a thing or two. *whine whine whine*

Should I go see The Ring tonight? I've heard mixed things. I only want to go see it if it's as well done as The Sixth Sense.

*toobs around pointlessly*

Dude! I didn't know you could reach a limit on the number of Yahoo friends you have added!!! Because I've reached my limit and now every time I go to add a friend I have to delete another one, do you even know how soulsucking that feels?! Gah! Is there any way to get around this atrocity? You have too many friends, my bloody arse! *scowls!* Oh. And I also need a new Livejournal name. currently semagic says, "welcome, ...!" which is just kind of disturbing after a while.

With apologies to titanic_days, I'm off to eat chinese food, and hopefully tackle a bit more of this accursed Draco/Ginny smut fic. It's going to be long and angsty. Oh, Great is my t00by pain. Oh and LUW. That too. *grumbles about having too much to do*
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