November 22nd, 2002

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I don't know what to say.

Obscurus, aka Malfoi's</b> sister (Malfoi is the author of the lovely Austen-era H/D AU Facade) and a Snapeslasher, from what I understand, has done the most beautiful thing, and written a song, "Roundabout," inspired by Love Under Will--specifically the confrontation between Harry and Draco in chapter 8.

You can download the song from the website here, but I can't resist, and I'm including the lyrics below for everybody to enjoy, hopefully as much as I do.


You see the way I look at you
my eyes study the way
You softly mouth the words
'Why are you here with me?'

You think that all of this is wrong
I must disagree with
you denying
we're meant to be

I need you dearly
You can be selfish and cruel

Don't walk away from me,
how can you leave it like this?
I don't really want to be apart from you

But, I find you're leaving
This can't be left so open

My mind is upset and unlike
you I can't forget that
I have fallen in love with you

I think you're foolish
I know the dark things you're chasing

I see the way you look at me
your eyes study the way
I softly mouth the words
'Why are you here with me?'

This is the most touching--I don't really have words. I'm listening to the song on repeat. It's a *great* song, with a fabulous delivery, with a very Latin/Norah Jones/Diana Krall feel. WOW.

I'll say again, WOW. I'm in awe. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. Everybody, go, go listen, download, and leave feedback at Katie's LJ: . As for me, I'll be listening to the song on repeat again and again and again. Wow. And the name, Roundabout, so fitting on so many levels--musically, with the chromatic downward spiraling of the chords, over and over again, and the encapsulation of the way the subjects of the song are going round in circles, failing to address what's really going on--as they do so often throughout the fic.

Sigh. Okay, eventually I'll stop gushing, really, but this, just, wow. wow. wow.

I was discussing soundtracks earlier this evening with Epicurean from G&H, (sweetie, do you have a livejournal?), who had made her own kind of personal soundtrack to LUW, which I'm going to list below and hope she doesn't kill me :D

The Tea Party - Heaven Coming Down
The Tea Party - Emerald
Tori Amos - Riot Poof
Semisonic - Act Naturally
Coldplay - We Never Change
Deftones - Change (In The House Of Flies)
Hum - I Hate It Too
Nirvana - Come As You Are
Radiohead - Talk Show Host

As for me, I only know 4 of those songs, but I think the choice of songs that go with a fic is not only really vital to the atmosphere of a fic, but serendipitous in a way. At least, that's how I think of the songs that have appeared in my stories so far. Usually my history with that particular song directly relates to the kind of emotion being dealt with in the part of the fic in which they appear. This is because I usually tend to trust that I'll find just the right lyrics for chapters at just the right time. I've had trouble coming up with both the title and the quote for this current chapter, but the combination of my talk with Epicurean and now this BEAUTIFUL song by Obscurus (*glomp schnoogle worship*) has given me inspiration, and I know what I'm using--at, as hoped, just the right time.

Isn't it wonderful the way things work out??

This is such. a kickass. song.
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Dearest aylapascal, where did you go??

Darling penelope_z...????

COME BACK!!! *cries and misses*


In other news, inspired by my lovely shiny LUW song, I feel like asking-- who's up for an H/D song challenge? not songfic, mind you, just song. you know. lyrics. rhyming. notes and melodies. *snicker* We could even have an NC-17 song challenge... *whistles* *prepares to be cruelly murthered by altricial and weatherby
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We have so much more class, and loyalty, and grace, than you will ever know.

And we will miss our Penelope.

Much love and many slash cows to you, sweetie.
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I am dutifully advertising the Book 5 Fandom Sweepstakes, which I think is a really good idea, marysiak, even if the loathsome ali_wildgoose has already taken my character!! *glower!* I will expect her to take good care of my Harry and Draco dolls!

In other news, I cannot write het. Or maybe I just can't write Ginny. Is it too late to come groveling to Anna and Rach begging for another pairing, one I actually like?? It was all a terrible, terrible mistake....

WAH. evilhan is leaving too, now!--wah, sad sad sad circumstances that make me wish i coul dhave like some huge parent-teacher conference on slash, where i'm the teacher, and i have a long talk with parents who think that their kids are going to be ruined and/or sent to the devil for their slash pursuits. and i had just made a friend, too, dammit. *sighs* Well, in tribute, everyone who hasn't, check out this: evilhan's parody of "If I Only Had A Brain".

You'll be missed, sweetie.

*is glum again*
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just when I was ready to buckle down and write the accursed D/G smut--and was bent on enjoying it, too, dammit-- my downstairs neighbor has decided to throw a block party. *watches floor vibrate*

casslet, you were right. today sucks.

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