January 30th, 2003

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I bit the bullet and told my editor I wanted to write more. He did not bite off my head, but perhaps that's because I chickened out and told him in an email rather than in person as I had originally intended. Except naturaally now he wants to meet with me in person to discuss things so I have no idea what that means. Certainly if he intends to bite off my head it will be easier to do it in person; and I have to admit that sounds like a much more interesting and exotic way to die than by a measly bee sting or two.

Benjamin Britten's music is so brilliant. I had forgotten how much I love him, and he seems to have had the sweetest personality too, on top of all that. So energetic and intelligent and enthusiastic and determined and wibbly and such. He kinda reminds me of Alex in a way--and naturally I hope Alex gets to spend his life with one guy as devoted to him as Pears was. There's this one picture of the two of them with Aaron Copland in between them, not long before they first became a couple; Britten's looking kinda off to the side, looking very self-effacing, Copland's looking at the camera where he's supposed to look, and Pears is staring at Britten with this look of complete and utter adoration on his face, like he can't keep his eyes off him and can't get over how miraculous he is. I am beaming just at the memory of it. I wish I could find it online but I've had no luck. Anyway, it's a beautiful photograph. And just how I imagine DV!Draco looks at Harry when Harry's not aware he's being watched. Le sigh.

It has been a beautiful day and I can't stop smiling. I have forgotten how relaxed voice lessons make me, especially when they go well. Also, Britten's friendship with WH Auden is like a constant bombardment of Auden poetry, and Auden is one of my favorite poets, and his quotes always remind me of LUW, as does Britten, so it's been a very, yay, good things all around, kind of day. If anybody wants me, I will be holed away listening to Britten while simultaneously attempting to read about Haydn and Mozart. Surely this is a doable task.

Oh, and I asked this on its LJ, but shouldn't stalkme's username be more appropriately "stalkyou?"
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