February 5th, 2003

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It is 6 am. I have class sometime ...today.

The armchairers have been chatting about all sorts of lovely things since, oh, whenever i made that last post. What a great bunch of people you all are.

tromboneborges, if I recall correctly, you said you were in dire need of icons. I figured you were probably tired of looking at Tom With Fish, so I took the liberty of making you a new one:

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(no subject)

I cannot believe
That everybody I know
Is doing this thing.

What, are you all sheep?
Have you no sense of pride, or

Is fandom so lost
For original entries
That we all kow tow

To Alex's whim?--
The whim of that utter t00b,
Rogue haiku spammer,

Fangirl collector,
Fashion-challenged pance-wearer,
Wibbler of wibbles?

Nay, I say! Let us
Strive to increase our bounty
Of poetic spam,

And make our own way
Without regard to Alex
And his haiku lust!

I would much rather
See Shakesperean sonnets
Grace my friends' entries.

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