April 1st, 2003

for Cassie

The art is all Monica's, Color by Priscellie--I just put 'em together. :D

(Sorry, Rach, I know you're still horrified.)
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I am almost done with my essay. Just a few paragraphs away. AND the best part:

I not only get to mention slash--SLASH, ladies and gentlemen--in my essay on the impact of Benjamin Britten in the latter half of the 20th century, but I get to link to the following url:

That's right, folks. The word "bonking" is going into my M402 research paper.



Will drabble more later? Yes, no, don'tquityourdayjobyousuck?
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okay, i officially hate today.

everybody "left" the fandom for Cyg's new anarchist VSD, I went :o oh NO!
rene and josephine are like, "*dramatic moment* we're in LOVE" and I said, 'oh, that's wonderful!!!!!!'
everybody "deleted" their LJ's and i went, alternately, "THANK GOD" and "WAH COME BACK!"
the guy who does frigging 8-Bit is like "I am shutting down 8-Bit Theatre to do a comic about ME!" and i am like >:0!!!!! YOU ASS!!!!
John and Marysia are fighting and I am like, "OH, haha, nice one."


Since I have apparently no ability to discern WHEN somebody is telling the truth or not, could you all just PLAY your frigging pranks on me in the next hour? Please? Get it over with! You can do it right here in my journal!!! >:0!!! I'll even donate the comments section so you can confuse me! For 60 full minutes!! Please, hit me while i'm confuzzled! By all means, pull my leg! Tell me the word gullible is not in the dictionary!

Because if anybody else TRICKS me today i am going. to throw. down. DOWN, PEOPLE!