April 3rd, 2003

"the dirty, heady scent of sweat and semen and the clean, processed scent of tupperware."

NA Squee number two. Hee.

Happy birthday, lunarennui! I hope it's beautiful--you deserve a beautiful one, sweetie. *hugs*

Fic Recs!! Wheee!

  • ADAMO REDAMO CHAPTER 5 IS UP!!!! SQUEEEEE!!!! *dances* I'm so happy to see this. Jen is lovely and this makes my month. *hearts*

  • Paintings by Moriavis. A little melodramatic but sweet, and I really like the premise. Thanks to Kara for pointing this one out. *smooches Kara*

  • Having wandered over to the Mistletoe Magic page I am feeling very christmasy. Which, considering I don't think I ever did post all the Armchair Christmas Secret Santa exchanges anywhere is rather ironic, but hey! Fics I haven't read! W00t!!! Like this one!!!! Awwww! Draco and Neville and Smitten!Oblivious!Harry! <3!

  • For a Time In Silence by--fuck, who is this by again? Charli J, but I don't remember their ff.net name. (And oooh, thank you cyclogenesis for reccing this! I had totally forgotten about this story, and, ugh. guh. hot.) Oooh, look! There's More!

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To do list for today:
1) call mother
2) pay bills
3) go to voice lesson/ensemble
4) update NA character
5) attempt DV review

What will most likely be done instead:
1) Writing the rest of yesterday's story
2) clicking refresh repeatedly on Nraged.

It's lovely having a life, isn't it?
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