April 8th, 2003


Okay, I have repeatedly asked my mom over the years not to send me email forwards.

She's finally, after many requests, gotten the picture.

Now she only sends me the forwards she thinks I "need" to read. Usually Christian crap.

The latest one has me Collapse )


I'm so outraged. I'm wondering how on earth I can reply to my mother in a respectful, intelligent way that she might listen to, and tell her that this kind of thinking (and especially the mass forwarding of the same) is dogmatic bullshit?

*uses happy symbolic christian religious festival icon, noting the irony*
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"I've "opened" up more than that boy. Are you wearing
your plug?"

"Yes Sir, I am."

"Did you wear it as ordered?"

"Yes Sir. It was difficult sitting down. I had a very
hard time concentrating on my Macro Economic Theory and
Western Political Philosophy midterms with your gift in my

--from www.nifty.org

nothing beats skipping class to read bad smut. :D
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AHHHH SHOE GIRL *writhes in pleasure*

I keep forgetting to congratulate aome on the last chapter of Draco in Darkness. :D It's so beautiful, Plu, and somehow in the hecticness that was my last week I forgot to tell you personally. *hearts like burning*

Oh! And I also keep forgetting to give a wave and a shout-out to the lovely folks from godricshollow, who came and squatted most enjoyably on my journal the other day. :)

While I'm thanking people, thank you to everybody who dropped me fic recs the other day. My bookmarks runneth over!! and also, thank you to anna--who is partially responsible for the fact that i have been shamelessly reading smut all day.

Eeeee, the cutest drabble ever!!!!

And prillalar, the author of that little gem from hp100, has a few other fics on her website that I really enjoyed, especially this one It's not H/D--not exactly. But still wonderfully sweet and tender and stay-on-your-mind kind of pretty.

OH AND NOW "THROUGH WITH YOU" HAS COME ON. the writhing will never stop!!!!!! that's not how this was supposed to be. you take my hand then you give it back--no other lover done that. heartache heartache i just have so much. a simple love with a complex touch. there is nothing you could say or do. i ain't never comin' back to you. fuck me now.

Um. Where was I? oh, yes. *fans self* Fic recs. It's been recced to you by now, I'm sure, but it bears being recced again, because it's just--so--damn--original. In fact I think I recced it three days ago. However, it's getting recced again because I am too lazy to check, and because it's way better than most of the crap I've read today! :D

I have a fic challenge for the rest of you, for whoever wants to attempt it:

Pick a livejournal meme and answer it as if you were one of your characters. :D
Have fun!
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