July 4th, 2003

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Happy Fourth, everyone!

I seriously dreamed last night that I was searching all over Bloomington for Sobe's Lizard Lava-- and nobody had any to sell to me. Instead I kept seeing all these half-drunk lizard lavas, lizard lavas being carefully hidden away as if people were afraid someone was going to come steal their precious bottle of lizard lava. I don't blame the people in my dream, I mean, have you had Sobe's Lizard Lava? My god!! I'd be hording them too!!! Still, as much as I love coke, I don't think that I've ever dreamed about it. For that matter, I don't think I've ever dreamed about Harry Potter. At least it's Lizard Lava, and not some icky drink like Yoohoo or Ovaltine.

The genesis of art in this fandom is such a wonderful, quizzical thing to behold. :D weatherby and I held a conversation about the realities of Draco in leather pants. While I was still convulsing, she turns right around and wrote the fic in question. And today, what do I find but this doodle from dorkorific: crunchcrinklesqueakcrunchcrunch.

I can't stop laughing. It is a very good holiday, indeed.

Interesting facts about Rave: Rave is a bloody genius. Not only does she occasionally churn out masterpieces like her latest Sirius/Remus art and this beautiful H/D art, which incidentally is the only piece of fanart I have ever saved in my livejournal memories, but she also wrote the lyrics to "I May Be A Tiny Chimneysweep." Which, by the way, I have my own tune too, and which I sing often to myself. There should be a Rave fanclub, so I can be officer and so I can stand at the door glaring at people going, "Have you donated yet?! Well?!"

The following will, I am absolutely certain, interest nobody but me.
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When I think of Christians who slash, I think of morganmalfoy and _lindsay_. I remember Morgan having Chapter 9 of LUW sent to her at her summer church camp, where she was a counselor, around this time last year. I remember thinking, I wonder if she has trouble reconciling her love of slash with her goals as a Christian. I wonder if there are other practicing Christians out there who struggle with themselves or with their church, for reading and enjoying the slash stories they do? I guess I just wonder how many slash-readers out there consider themselves practicing Christians anyway. I had so much pressure just being a practicing Christian who promoted gay rights--I can't imagine it's any easier if you read and write slash.

Church-goers, anyone?

resmiranda is going to kill me when she wakes up.
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orphne: someone should write a fic with Harry as candide
vanityfair: that would be a good character stand-in. i can TOTALLY see Draco as Cunegonde dripping in jewels and leading his lovers on
orphne: ohgod.
orphne: definitely
vanityfair: and, if we were basing it on the musical, he would have this incredibly drama-queenish aria called "glitter and be gay"


orphne: I keep describing Harry's cock as if it were hot porridge
orphne: Draco really likes hot porridge
orphne: It's thick and hot and would be even better with a bit of syrup

EDIT: LOOK WHAT VERONICA DID!!!!!!!!!!!! I am kidnapping you in florida, pinkocracy, and taking you with me everywhere forever.
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