October 8th, 2003

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Oh *hell* yes.

So, like, last night galen75 and I watched Head of State and thought it was hilarious--it made me really like Chris Rock, haha, and long for the days of South Park, and it was just what I needed after all the rampant disgusting things that have happened in politics this week. I have to say, though, that although I certainly don't think putting Arnie in office was the smart choice, I do think that the recall vote was a very good thing, an example of the democratic system in one of its more ideal forms. *Anybody* would have been better than Grey Davis, after all.

And ever since I read an anecdote in the book 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself 3 years ago (yes, I know, cheesy title, great book, though--lots and lots of stories), my opinion of Arnie has been that he's not somebody to underestimate. The author of the book, Steve Chandler, had been assigned to interview him back one day in the earliest early of the 80's. He'd just won some kind of muscleman competition out in California, and Chandler was supposed to write up this tiny article for some sports magazine. So Chandler asks him what his goals are--and Arnold answers quite seriously that he intends to become the number one box-office movie star in America. Chandler is just gaping at this inarticulate foreign body builder, whose name is impossible to pronounce or spell, much less remember--but Arnie then goes on, just as seriously, to tell Chandler exactly how he plans to do it--how he plans to work his way up doing action movies and building a name for himself and then launch himself into a more high-profile career. Chandler thought he was crazy, absolutely crazy. But he never forgot Arnold Schwarzenegger, and something like almost exactly ten years from that moment Arnold was the number one box office star in America.

That story made a huge impression on me. You really have to admire and respect a man who can work toward such an unattainable goal with such dedication and optimism. And I have to say that although I don't agree with Arnold's politics, I don't think he's a completely hopeless choice, and I certainly don't think California will be lost with him at the helm. So buck up, California natives. :) At least he seems to be in the race only for the chance to make a difference--someone, I forget who, on my friends list said yesterday that sincerity is a lost art, and that he has that going for him if nothing else. Let's hope they're right. :)

The consequence of watching Head of State after work however, was that I had to work til midnight *and then* get up for an 8 am shift with only 3 hours of sleep in between. Am now firmly of the opinion that such reckless behavior should only be attempted by people who are under 25 and suffering from the delusion they are going to live forever. My traitorous body seems to have forgotten that I am still VERY much under 25, thank you. Hmph.

However, Dave cooked us all breakfast! And it was YUMMY! And so I got to wake up to the smell of eggs and bacon and sausage filling the house which is really lovely, and something everyone should wake up to as much as they possibly can. :) Then I went to school and even though they say that spring has "sprung" I think it's really fall that springs, because only in fall can you just step outside and be hit with the sudden overnight crispness of everything, the bracing air, the fact that all the trees have changed colors in the night. It's a wonderful feeling. Then I went to work and borrowed Olympia's Draco's pet hobby and made a list of things that are red while I was waiting for the library to open. Collapse )

Then I came here, and saw lots of lovely inspiring rants from all of you about MPWeek. I was thinking perhaps the fandom could have M-Preg Week in response. This would be a perfect opportunity to break out your pens and write those secret Harry-and-Draco-as-mommy-and-daddy fics you've been storing away in your plot bunny skeleton closet.

I am off to make more Johnny Depp mood icons. It is a very relaxing process. Also, I have had "Tiny Dancer" in my head ever since I woke up, and am really confuzzled as to exactly how one manages to get elton john songs stuck in their head while they sleep.
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I forgot to mention something in my previous post that suaine just reminded me of, and I was so excited about it I wanted to give it its own special squee-able post.

"This coming summer, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court is likely to legalize gay marriage. If that happens, a national battle over gay marriage will break out. The ultimate outcome of our coming national culture war over gay marriage will either be legal gay marriage throughout the United States, or passage of the Federal Marriage Amendment."

This is from www.marriageprotectionweek.com. Link and quote borrowed from suaine. :) Thank you!

So. The Massachusetts Supreme Court heard the arguments for and against the legalization of gay marriage back in March. They normally take only about 3 months to decide on the issue. They were due to issue a ruling at the end of July--while we were at Nimbus everybody in the T00by Condom was waiting on pins and needles for the ruling to come through. But it didn't. And so the date was pushed back to 'sometime in the fall.'

Yesterday as I was reading through all the articles on MPW, a brilliant hope struck me: How cool, how unbelievably wonderfully amazing would it be, if on October 12, the Massachusetts Supreme Court issued the ruling legalizing gay marriage?

Can you even imagine what that would say about democracy in the U.S.--what it would say about our willingness as citizens to fight fascist propaganda and the willingness of our lawmakers to listen to us and abide by the Constitution instead of trying to remake it? Can you even imagine how much joy that would bring, what it would stand for? And doesn't it boggle the mind that one court ruling, made by seven people, could strike such a blow for freedom and civil and human rights in America, could say so clearly to the world that America is not behind this stupid fraud of a president?

Can you even imagine that the members of the Mass. Supreme Court haven't thought about this by now and realised the import of their decision?

Can you even imagine how many people would weep for joy if that happened?

Suaine said, quoting shamelessly without her permission:

'Interesting though, I think the above statement is absolutely *word*-worthy. I agree completely, it's a battle that will either end with gay marriage in the US or with gay discrimination. And we're about to throw ourselves right in the middle.

*battle cry*,

Dude. All we need is a majority of judges and the determination to fight back, and the Massachusetts Supreme Court could take Bush's Marriage Protection Week and send it where the sun doesn't shine. The more I think about these events right now, and where we stand as a nation, and the fact that individual people right now are all that hangs in the balance between the onslaught of the conservative right-wing homophobic agenda, and those of us who are demanding gay rights, the more it does start to feel to me like Harry going up against Voldemort.

I guess in some small way, we all fight Voldemort every day, don't we?

Oh god, that sounded so schmoopy. Am quitting now while I'm ahead.

But oh, here's hoping.

*crosses fingers for Massachusetts*
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