January 24th, 2004



Whee! I'm excited! It's for all pairings, all fandoms, even non-fandom drabbles. Go join! It'll be so much fun!!!

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    lit, my own worst enemy

blush blush blush!

Dude! You know icarusancalion's wonderful duelling fics poll?

Well, um, *bites nails nervously* it's my turn.

I'd be so thrilled if you guys popped over and voted for whichever fic of mine you happened to like the best. And, um, you know that big "dvd commentary" meme that's going around? I've been waiting to do it, but, um, I've decided that I'll do it for whichever one of my fics wins the vote.

So, um, go vote.

Oh god, I'm so nervous, hahaha. This is so much fun! Go vote! *squeak!*

(Don't vote here, vote there! hahaha.)
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