January 27th, 2004

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I feel it is a very appropriate time for more pimping of the Blacklist Project.

This is a fund drive set up both to oppose a certain notorious Blacklist, and to raise money for various fandom projects such as those on the list. This is a chance to raise money for RestrictedSection.Org, Fiction Alley, and The Witching Hour (Nimbus 2005).

Click the icon below to donate; steal the link, pimp it all over the place. The drive continues through February 7. Per the majority of voters participating in a livejournal poll to determine where the funds will go, 50% of proceeds will go to www.restrictedsection.org; the other half will be split, again at voter request, between FA and Nimbus 2005.

Donate!! Strike a triple blow in support of your local fandom archives, your community, and freedom of speech!

The Blacklist Project
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