January 30th, 2004

A Reader’s Advice on Writing Good Sex.

This post owes a great deal to spare_change (Slytherlynx), who really helped me streamline and articulate my main points, and shared some excellent points of her own to add. <3

What with one thing and another lately I have been thinking about the way people write sex scenes in their stories, and I have decided to talk about it. I think that even if we don't necessarily seek out the smuttiest fics around, we all want to read good writing, and we all know how to appreciate a really good sex scene as an audience. It's from this perspective that I'm approaching the subject. Just for the sake of comparision, before I go any further, I want to talk just a bit about my personal, all-time favorite NC-17 rated fanfics, because they exemplify the standards by which I judge writing about sex.

  • astolat's "Weather of the Heart". As many of you know this is not just my favorite smutfic but my favorite fanfic series, ever. For structural and stylistic reasons, namely the fact that it's dialogue only, it falls into a category all by itself--but what it sets out to do it does amazingly well. It combines graphic sex and emotion, largely by letting your imagination do all the work. I cannot think of a better argument, incidentally, for the writing mantra, "less is more."

  • wankersore's Quicksilver and hackthis's Entwined. These are two totally different fics, but they both illustrate the raw emotional power that sex can have, and the way that personality can not only be reflected in a sex scene, but can really just carry the sex scene, without a lot of additional trappings. These two fics are sort of a yin/yang approach to my personal OTP--they are both two wonderful and exciting examples of two very different extremes. They both work, they both feel real to me, because not only are they well-written, but the writers are in such control of the characters and their dynamic that every little shift in emotion carries the scene even further and gives it meaning, makes it real.

    Keeping that in mind, what follows is a checkpoint list of Collapse )
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    I watched PotC for a bit tonight in between work shifts. Collapse )

    Unless, of course, I'd discovered in the interim that for a pirate Jack was bloody sexy wasn't so bad when he was right next to me growling things in my ear trying to play the opportunist and help at the same time.

    Oh, yeah. I can see it. Either I'm getting more perceptive, or I've just watched the damn movie one too many times.

    I was wondering this morning. The HP fandom is blessed with lots of lawyers.

    I was just wondering: are there any doctors in the house? I guess when rubydebrazier has gotten her residency, she'll count. :) But beyond that? Is the general assumption that doctors are much too busy to read fanfic?

    Am just curious.

    Also, am about to make a filtered post. If you can see it, you are a guy. If you can't see it and you're a guy, please let me know so I can add you to my boys-only filter. If you can see it and you aren't a guy, erm, then please accept my embarrassed apologies and set me straight about that as well. :)

    Well, honestly. You never know when a boys-only filter might come in handy. *bats eyes*
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