May 30th, 2004

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Whee. Crush asked me out for drinks tonight. Told him no because was tired. In reality, it is because I manned the Indiana Equality booth at the Farmer's Market this morning and got sunburned. SUNBURNED. If any of poa_nycyou want to know who I am next Saturday, just look for the lobster.

I fear I have forgotten how to do this whole dating thing. When do I do the whole "do you like me? check yes or no" part again?

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And yes, in case you haven't guessed, that was the latest chapter of LUW they were tackling. Good things I can report from this terribly involved beta process that took me forever are:

1) I now know more than a good girl like me should ever be expected to know about British Labour politics in the 70's;
2) Millicent is a sexpot (and no, you can't have her);
3) an overabundance of slang contractions do not a Cockney accent make--even in fanfic;
4) a sestina is something I will never write, ever;
5) so far, no one hates my beleaguered little chapter 16. *schnoogles it*

It's 2 am. Should I go to bed or stay up and code? The questions of life, my friends, the questions of life.
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