June 11th, 2004


Dear flist. No wonder I never have time to read anything. skip=450 just for TWO DAYS. Naughty, naughty, naughty!

I keep seeing this word "tig" popping up all over my friends list, in places like Dorrie's journal, and Sara's. What on earth does it mean? Cause it sounds fun, and I hate being out of the loop on something that sounds fun.

Oh, and speaking of being out of the loop: Dear knight_to_h3. I AM SORRY ABOUT YOUR HAND.

adela711 has a really interesting poll on how we react to certain characters in the HP series.

Someone has written this wonderful, inventive fic for the HP Remix challenge based on my fic "Invisible." Go. Read. I wonder who wrote it? You have my admiration, whoever you are. Really. THANK YOU.

I'm sure this has already been mentioned on daily_snitch and quickquote, but to any of you who haven't seen it, hydaspes has a fabulous idea for a fic challenge over here based on works of fine art. The Brushstrokes and Broomsticks Challenge. Go! Sign up! (I have a record of 0 for 3 so far for completing challenges I sign up for--but I still keep hoping! Maybe this will be the one!)

Dude. What on earth is that freaky Russian meme about? Surely somebody on my friends list speaks Russian and has seen this. Right? I'm tempted to take it except I heard there was some sort of weird security issue involved, so I'm not going into the water until I know there are no Russian sharks around. Or, er, something.

But speaking of memes: the livejournal meme, stolen from dayafternext: Collapse )

Am at work. I still have another twenty minutes before I can looks at pics of David Thewlis naked.

I want to be reading fanfic. Or writing. For some reason I am sitting here staring at Rach's shippy red riding hood!H/D icons and it is making me want to write. WAH. THE LOVE.

Also, I need more webcam icons.

What else should I say here? Blargle.

Oh! I know. Dear LJ friends: Please tell me the one thing you would most like me to know. :)
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Poll #306598 Dear Livejournal,

Which of the following should I be doing?

Reading fanfic.
Writing fanfic.
Something more fun than either of those things!

What could *possibly* be more fun than either of those things?

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Fic Recs! (oi, it's about time)

Every single time I clicked on somebody else's Memories today other than my own, I got no entries listed, even though they had many many memories listed on their userinfo. It is just too much of a coincidence that ALL you people have made ALL your memories private. Isn't it? Is anybody else getting this as well?

Um. I have fic recs. There are SO many more fics I need to read that I haven't gotten to. And I'm finally starting to make a serious list of all the WIPs I haven't tackled in, oh, a year or so. But for now, here are about half the things out of my very full "to-read" folder. Most of you have probably seen these recced elsewhere by now, but maybe there's something here and there you might have missed.

** = highly recommended
*** = not to be missed
**** = read it or DIE.

Also take note of the part of the rec specifying the recommended Audience. If you're not a die-hard H/D shipper, some of these fics probably won't be your thing. I've tried to make that a little more explicit.

Title: Restoration
Author: el_erzulie
Summary: At one time in my life, a time that seems so far away now, I would have been one of them. Surrounded by friends, laughing without a care in the world. But things change. People change.
Rating: PG-13
Category: Post-Hogwarts, Angst Escapism
Length: Short-Medium. One-sitting.
Characterizations: Angsty
Writing: Strong prose. But constant flashbacking and tense/pov-switching are handled a bit clumsily, which makes it hard to read casually. Plot: Extremely predictable, though that's not necessarily a bad thing.
Really should be read as a character/relationship study.
Recommended audience: Shippers.

Title: The Beginning
Author: el_erzulie
Summary: H/D [slash] – Draco POV. Features two lonely boys, and one art project.
Rating: PG-13
Category: Romantic Escapism
Length: Short-Medium. One-sitting.
Characterizations: Poetic. Draco is very, very fanon--the snarky pov feels in-character, though the sensitive artist!characterization must always be taken lightly.
Writing: Points off for misspelling Finnigan and the use of the phrase "boy wonder". Otherwise, despite a first-person POV which gets a bit tedious in spots, the writing is generally straightforward and easy to follow.
Plot: The theme of art in H/D fics has been handled more creatively in fics like 'A Movement in A Minor' and 'the M Series'; but here it is treated directly, with a sensitivity and vulnerability that parallels the developing H/D relationship itself. People familiar with the genre might be a little bored, but on first-read, this fic has a lot of basic, enduring
shippy appeal.
Recommended Audience: Exploratory readers

Title: Berlin **
Author: Are
Summary: Harry is a green-tea addict. Draco stalks him.
Rating: PG
Category: Angst Escapism
Length: Short.
Characterizations: interesting and opaque without being too fanon.
Writing: 3rd-person present tense is handled really nicely here; Are balances a surreal tone with moments of vivid imagery. Very readable, enjoyable, and short.
Plot: This is a fairly cliched plot, but the writing more than makes up for it.
Recommended Audience: Shippers and casual/occasional readers of the pairing.

Title: Practicing for the Ballet ***
Author: penknife
Summary: Some things don't come naturally.
Rating: NC-17
Category: Angsty Sex
Length: Short.
Characterizations: Spot-on. Hapless Harry, vulnerable, defensive Draco. It all feels very canonical, and very believable.
Writing: clean, flawless, descriptive and economical; the emotional thrust of this story is largely found in images, and between the lines.
Plot: 2 parts character study, 1 part sex, this fic's narrative focus is on setting up a sort of eternal tableau - Harry and Draco, caught in what seems (in fanfic anyway) to be a neverending struggle for acceptance of each other. This fic is happy to leave you without answers, and you are grateful for it.
Recommended Audience: Everyone

Title: (Untitled) ***
Author: an_sceal
Summary: "He warded the well and he warded the path leading to it all, and when he was done, nearly as an afterthought, he warded himself."
Rating: PG
Category: Genfic, Drama. This is a standalone prequel to an H/D fic.
Length: Very short.
Characterizations: Captivating.
Writing: Very strong--lyrical, rhythmical, and smooth.
Plot: is in the subtext, and the subtleties.
Recommended Audience: General fans

Title: Dirty ****
Author: an_sceal
Summary: Loose sequel to (Untitled).
Harry works in a garden and wonders what it is Draco expects to grow.
Rating: PG
Category: Drama
Length: Short.
Characterizations: I can't even pinpoint how finely drawn, believable, and real An's characterizations of Harry and Draco are to me, especially after reading the relatively non-angsty predecessor.
Writing: The writing is exquisite, truly beautiful. This fic left me with a feeling of being utterly unable to break away, or wanting to.
Plot: This story covers one scene, and there is a lot of implied backstory over a very small space, but it's handled so well that you don't need to have the details filled in for you. The author also leaves plenty of room for a sequel (which she declares is coming); and I crave more from this universe, even though I found myself not wanting to change or add a word to the narrative as it stands currently.
Recommended Audience: Everyone.

Title: After the First Life Ends, Chapter Two update. First part here. (** pending: so far, so good.)
Author: olivia_lupin
Summary: A series of short vignettes depicting the evolution of all that has gone on between Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter into something neither of them ever expected. Post OotP, seventh year.
Rating: PG
Category: Romance
Length: Short-Medium (in installments)
Characterizations: I often quibble with Olivia's characterizations, but in this fic she's so far struck a solid balance between fanon and canon. Her Harry and a Draco are at once intriguing and intrigued with each other in a
way that draws you in quickly. The jury's still out on her conception of Ron in this fic, but so far it clicks for me.
Writing: Technically this fic has flaws in spots, but the narrative is strong, and Olivia has firm control over Harry's pov. Her handle on imagery and dialogue gets better all the time.
Plot: A quidditch pitch encounter leaves Harry re-examining Draco Malfoy and coming up increasingly obsessed and frustrated. The basic plot structure is nothing you haven't read before in various encounters, but it's being handled skillfully, and so far is really interesting.
Recommended Audience: Shippers and Experimental readers.

Title: Heat
Author: olivia_lupin
Summary: It's hot.
Rating: R.
Category: Romantic Escapism
Length: Short.
Characterizations: I find this fic's Draco is a little too self-aware, but since we're in the POV of a very earnest, eager, and smitten!Harry, I don't mind so much.
Writing: Bordering on self-indulgent, but still retaining a firm, restrained sensuality.
Plot: There isn't much of one. This is very much in medias res, and the backstory is largely inherent--however, as PWPs go, this one is fun, interesting, and sweet. Props for creative use of feather quills. :) My one quibble is that the ending feels rushed.
Recommended Audience: Shippers.

Title: Definitions **
Author: gracefulfool
Summary: + It's easier to deal with what they've started when "I hate you"
is how it ends.*
Rating: R
Category: PWP
Length: Short-medium
Characterizations: Excellent.
Writing: Smooth and streamlined--the erotic writing is descriptive without being over-the-top, the dialogue is strong and very believable, and the pace throughout is excellent.
Plot: this story is more lust than angst, but it works just fine that way.
Recommended Audience: Shippers, casual readers

Title: Something Unrepeatable***
Author: Ria (kessie)
Summary: When Draco finally gains wisdom out of the reach of anyone else, he couldn't have imagined what else it could lead him to understanding.
Rating: PG-13.
Category: Post-Hogwarts, Drama.
Length: Short.
Characterizations: understated, believable, raw.
Writing: Okay, like. Normally androgeny in HP fic needs to be laden with camp or it won't work for me, but in this instance the overall tone of the fic made it work for me in a completely raw and intriguing way. This is the writer of the very self-aware, ironic "Beyond the
" (Note: fic is NC-17) Ria brings that irony to this fic, and turns lipstick, like war itself, into a form of protest and subversion. It fits, and it works. Ria has such a mastery of tone, pov, and setting here. It makes me near-orgasmically happy when she writes this way; I could read her stories of subtle angst and tense, war-torn H/D emotion forever and ever.
Plot: More episodic than linear, this is a series of short, effective vignettes depicting the outgrowth of a wartime H/D relationship.
Recommended Audience: Shippers and casual readers

Title: Ghost
Author: ishafel
Summary: I know now how it feels to be weakened like Achilles with you always at my heels.
Rating: R
Category: Angst, Drama
Length: Very short.
Characterizations: opaque and mildly disturbing, but gripping
Writing: Very strong, descriptive writing, well-paced and hot.
Plot: This is a straightforward, lusty, and totally open-ended story. Good for a mind-fuck or a brain-tease, whichever you're in the mood for.
Recommended Audience: Everyone

Title: Fluteplayer!Draco
Author: lazy_daze
Summary: + The title says it all. PWP.
Rating: NC-17
Category: PWP, Escapism
Length: Short.
Characterizations: On the fanon side, but that's to be expected in a sheer PWP.
Writing: strong (smutty) description, believable dialogue. The musical cymbal-crash-as-climax is a bit over the top, but as the writer of "Bolero" I can't actually complain. :)) And I gotta give the author props for use of the Musicalis spell. Handy little bugger, isn't it? :D
Plot: there's Harry, and Draco, and this flute. No, not used like that.
Recommended Audience: Shippers and casual readers.

Title: No Comparison ***
Author: kat99999
Summary: Harry!Wank, sort-of H/D
Rating: NC-17
Category: PWP
Length: Short.
Characterizations: Oh, yeah. This is pretty much canon!Harry. :D :D :D
Writing: Very strong, hot, streamlined, and somehow IC.
Plot: Harry wanks. He's pissed off about it, too, which just makes it that much hotter.
Recommended Audience: Everyone.

Title: Masked ****
Author: yahtzee63
Rating: R
Category: Drama
Length: Medium
Characterizations: The characterizations in this fic are so canonical they're devastating.
Writing: Incredibly strong. The pace is fabulous, there is a driving movement behind this piece towards *something*, something insidious and unknown. The author's hold over her narrative voice, pov, and structure is nothing short of breathtaking by the end of the piece.
Plot: is perfectly brilliant. Tender, ominous, and lethal.
Recommended Audience: Everyone.

+ denotes summary that is mine due to lack of one from the author.
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