September 13th, 2004

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Dorrie has finally posted the H/D shippers' manifesto over at ship_manifesto.  She did a fantastic, thorough, and emotion-filled job, and really captured the many facets of H/D and why some of us who ship it really just care about it so much.  Please do go read it and share your thoughts with her--whether or not you ship H/D I think you'll find something to take away here.

I posted this to Dorrie's LJ yesterday--It's gotten lost in threads though and I wanted to stick it somewhere I could access it easily.  Any thoughts and response from any of you are always welcome.

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Would just like to say welcome to everyone new on my friends list, as well as happy birthday to the ton of friends who had birthdays this week--Alex, Toby, Dave, John, Sister M, Callie, and everyone else!  Massive hugs and love to you all.  :)
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