September 30th, 2004

Lech Walesa would be so proud.

wayfairer: i'm reading my flist to catch up on the debate highlights.

"If Bush was in fandom, he'd so be one of those BNFs that namedrops all the time, and who slightly annoys everyone because of it."

wayfairer: ahahahahaha
shaggirl: hee.  that's so true.  He kept reminding Kerry that Poland was on his side
wayfairer: hahahaha!
wayfairer: are you serious?
shaggirl : yes, I'm serious
wayfairer: wow, they've got Poland, they might as well have the Pope!
shaggirl : It's us, Britain and Poland against the world!!!
wayfairer: ahahahaha, i can't stop laughing
shaggirl : Don't forget Poland!!
wayfairer: ahahaha
wayfairer: now I'm picturing the Harry Potter fandom bombing the Smallville fandom
wayfairer: because we're the biggest, dammit!
shaggirl : dude, some of the SV fandom NEEDS to be blown off the face of the earth
wayfairer: hahaha!
shaggirl : I'll be Poland!
wayfairer: LotR can be China! Lotrips can be Hong Kong!
shaggirl : You think LOTRPS needs to be liberated?
wayfairer: well, that and the rest of the fandom is privately ashamed of its hedonist Western ways.
shaggirl : nice analogy
wayfairer: perhaps JKR can represent britain.
wayfairer: we, the fandom, only agree with her when we want to anyway.
wayfairer: but she still makes us look good by association.
shaggirl : What does she have against SV?
wayfairer: she doesn't need a reason, we'll make her fall in line. threaten to stop buying her books and all.
wayfairer: granted, without her we wouldn't be here, but we don't care.
shaggirl : lol.  you are so corrupt!
shaggirl : I love it
wayfairer: hey, when you're the biggest and the strongest.  :D
shaggirl : *trembles*
wayfairer: Hee.
wayfairer: Our Coalition of the Willing is Pastede on Yay!
shaggirl : Poland is committed. 
wayfairer: Send in your goats.
wayfairer: i mean troops.
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