October 2nd, 2004

and it isn't just talk talk talk

sincelastjuly: DO YOU HAVE GEEMALE
wayfairer: OH EM GEE YES
sincelastjuly: OH EM GEE WHUT IZ IT
wayfairer: AJAFAIR@!
sincelastjuly: THAT MAKES SENSE!
sincelastjuly:  :))
sincelastjuly: I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN
wayfairer: asdj;kfasjf that did not sound quite right
sincelastjuly: *CHOKES*
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postede public for great yay1!1

cimness has just asked a wonderful question.  If you read and enjoy Harry/Snape, I think you should definitely go give her your opinion.

And now I wonder.

I wonder how many of you who consider yourselves to be strong writers feel comfortable posting in LJ communities?  To which ones do you feel most comfortable posting to, and why?  Does it make a difference if it's a closed community or an open one?

I wonder how many of you who consider yourselves to be developing writers or new writers or just under-encouraged or under-read writers--how many of you feel comfortable posting to LJ communities, and which, and why? 

I've recently been thinking about posting to LJ communities more because it's hard to post friends-locked fics knowing they might get recced to people who can't read them.  And there've recently been a spate of communities--hd_falling, almost_hd, hp_classic--that I've been excited about posting to, because I was excited about the subjects of those communities--even to the point that I started thinking about writing fics specifically for those communities.  But that's not something I've ever done before.

I don't much care for communities where a lot of fics I've already read on other journals or fic archives are cross-posted.  I don't see the point.    I'd rather link to a personal journal when a fic is crossposted to that fic on a community.  Because if you're like me you'll read the person's fic and then trove all over their journal if you really like the fic to see what the person is like as well.

There are some communities like contrelamontre that I'm in awe of, because I have always wanted to participate but have never been able to.  Then there's pornish_pixies which I joined the day it was formed but which I've never posted a single fic to. I always felt guilty for being a member because I'm a sham. I don't really write smut.

(which, by the way, happy birthday yesterday, veuki!)

I imagine I'm not alone in regarding certain fic-posting communities with awe, some others with wistfulness, some others with total indifference.

But what determines which communities we post fics to? 

What are we looking to get out of fic communities anyway?  Is it about feedback?  Or is it about reading material?  Which matters more? Or is it something else?
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(no subject)

Have just been on a friending spree, because, while trying to see how well the no-indexing thing was working for my journal, I ran across this site, which apparently tracks the most popular sites using Semantic-based web files.  Actually I have no idea what it means or what it does.  But hey. Lots of links to lots of us here in the fandom. 

I wound up spending the last 2 hours going on a random LJ cruising spree, which is one of my favorite things in the world to do.  Apparently the journals on the list seemed to be broken down into two groups of people who all seem to know each other--the HP crowd, and a bunch of other people who all seem to know each other too, I'm assuming through something like Burning Man.  Or maybe all the popular people on LJ have some sort of other geek code that draws them all together.  With us it's like, Dude. HP. Rock.  But what do you do if you're not in a fandom?  Is there a secret handshake?  Nah. I'm betting it's Burning Man. :D 

I wound up friending, among other people, a guy who used to be a Southern Baptist Republican and used to live in Bloomington, who now is a liberal agnostic living in Brooklyn--I figure maybe I can use him for motivation. 

I also friended an Eastern Orthodox Bishop, and docbrite, because hey. You never know when having a member of the clergy and/or Poppy Z. Brite on your friends list will come in handy.

The bad thing about going on a friending spree is that I always have to defriend people.  And I hate defriending people, I hate it, even when they don't have me friended back and I never read their journals anyway, because I feel like I'm giving up the possibility that maybe, just maybe, I will one day read their journal and discover that they are the kindred spirit of my dreams--and there must have been something kindred about them to begin with, right? --or else I wouldn't have friended them in the first place.

Hate the friends limit.  Nyargh.
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