October 7th, 2004

There are those who keep forgetting that the country's built on dreams.

A comment made by notapipe on my LJ, back before he had a livejournal.  It seems so much more relevant even today than it was 18 months ago.

Why did you do it Georgie?
Nobody agrees.
You who had everything,
what made you bring
a nation to its knees?
Some say you killed a country George,
because of bad reviews.
Georgie Bush was a headstrong fellow,
Even he believed the things he said.
Some called him noble, some said yellow.
What he was was off his head.
Listen to the stories.
Hear it in the songs.
Angry men
Don't write the rules
And guns don't right the wrongs.

I made this initially as a comment to wordplay who asked for war protest songs.  And inevitably, there was Collapse )
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For over a year I have had a severe problem with my computer, in that it scrolls pages, on its own, so fast and so frequently and so much that I literally just now could not keep my pointer on a link which I was trying to click, for nearly 60 seconds.  There is really no way to describe how bad this problem is--it's literally like trying to read the images when playing slots.  It makes me extremely frustrated on a daily basis.  Also I am starting to think it is hurting my eyes.

It isn't a mouse problem, because it does it when I am nowhere near the mouse, the keyboard, the computer, or the room.  It isn't a virus or a spyware problem, because I have defragmented, scanned, updated, spyware-proofed, and even reformatted my hard drive, and the problem persists.  And I have asked on all the LJ computer geek communities and nobody had any help to offer, other than, oh, man, that sucks.

I will buy paid LJ time for one year to anyone who can help me figure out how to fix this problem.  That is, if I can ever actually type this.

You know what sucks about being a writer?  It doesn't matter how many many people like your writing and tell you so, because you are still neurotic enough that when you see one list of favorite fics in which yours do not appear, you, like the small, needy child that you are, are wounded.  Suddenly the world ceases to hold any inhabitants who do like your fic, and begins to orbit around this one person who has found you insufficient.  The universal need to be liked is the second-most crippling and annoying thing ever.

The first is this scrolling thing.  AGGGH.

Okay, fuck this, I'm doing that memes, which, as you all know, is gacked from everyone. 

Ask any of my characters from any of my fics anything you want.  They will answer. 

I thought about doing the first line meme, but it would be bad karma because, dude, I cannot write drabbles, and I also still have to properly thank Rach and Cher and Nope and many more of you for the drabbles that you did on the icon meme so long ago. 

Wah.  But love for fics and characters therein cheers the spirit.  Mine is worn out from scrolling.  Also, my eyes hurt.  Bah. :((
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