October 8th, 2004


Good morning, LJ.

First off, thank you to everybody who responded to my plea last night. I went to bed right after I posted it so just now I woke up to 20 comments of "You bloody idiot, unplug your mouse and see if the scrolly thing still happens," which, since I apparently evince more sense at 5:00 am than at any other time in my life, I decided to do.

I am a bloody idiot. No mouse = no scrolly thing. And I am actually able to read my livejournal flist for once in my life, at least up until I read Holly's story about the ghost and Ruby's story about the cockroach, by which point I am sufficiently freaked out and afraid that the next post will feature some other urban legend like the story about this girl who couldn't stop her mouse from scrolling so one day she decided to look in the back of her computer, and she NEVER CAME BACK AND ALL THEY FOUND WAS HER SCROLLING COMPUTER AND THE ECHO OF FAINT MANIACAL LAUGHTER.

Okay, I think. I am a bloody idiot who now owes 25 people paid LJ time for a year.

I plug mouse back in.


That's right--Mouse = fully plugged in. Nothing happens.

I unplug mouse, and plug it back in. See, that part I'm good at.

Nothing happens.

I unplug mouse, blow on the plug-in, and plug it back in. nothing happens. This time I even blow on the thingy. Nothing happens.

Moral of the story: never ask anyone on LJ for advice ever again.

Second moral of the story: thank god for LJ update-by-email.

Dude. I am assuming this is the mouse driver, as in, the one zephiey told me to get a new one of. Woe. In the meantime, my mouse does not work and I cannot respond to anybody's comments. But I can still read them since I get them emailed, and will respond eventually. Wah.

Also, I only got 4 replies to the "ask your character a question" meme. I have 2 theories about why, the first being that my entries are too long and since I put the meme request alllll the way at the bottom of a post about my stupid mouse button, no one saw it. Notice I am testing theory no. 1 by repeating this scenario: this is either because I am really dumb or really smart.

Theory no. 2 is that only 4 people have read my stories, or that possibly only 4 people aren't embarrassed to confess publicly that they have actually read my stories. In this case I commiserate--some of them I am embarrassed to confess I wrote. :D

In case you didn't get that the previous 2 paragraphs were a wittily self-deprecating yet shamelessly passive-aggressive attempt at garnering more questions for my characters, let me just point up to the whole "WOE! MISERY! NO MOUSE! NO LJ! NEED LOVE!" thing again, and tack on this:

*insert colorbar here*

asking my characters questions is love.

P.S. to Orphne: so are you. <3

hush, little baby, life's a bitch -- but daddy's gonna buy you a quidditch pitch.

Things to say after having to do skip=500 to catch up on TWO DAYS worth of flist posts!!!!!

  • I can reply to comments now! Mouse! working properly again! Well, okay, still scrolling around like crazy, but not quite as bad as normal!  I like to think I whipped it into shape by letting it know that if it misbehaved it might be unplugged again! Thank you everyone! 

  • However, the sound isn't working now! Ahahaha!  God, it has been such a day.  In addition to my mouse going out completely once I got to work my new computer account mysteriously stopped working during the day and I could not get it to work again AT ALL for anything.  At one point I seriously checked the calendar today to make sure it was not Friday 13th.

  • oh my god, and now, on top of Holly and Dionne's ghost stories and Ruby's giant cockroach stories, I have now read Mira's story about the old woman with the attic.  Dear Friends list, Please Stop Freaking Me Out!  Or, if you are going to freak me out, please do it properly, and trot out the weird creepy Halloweenish stories and put them ALL IN ONE PLACE AT ONE TIME so that I will not be petrified to read my friends list aghghagaghahgaghaghaaaaa!!!!!!!

  • You know, the word that Mad Martha just uploaded a new fic to her yahoogroup has reminded me of something.  Collapse )

  • Everybody is doing that 75 things meme! 75! things! i do not have time to write 75 things!  And yet! It is a meme! How can I resist!!!!  But I think I picked the wrong meme to do, because I haven't seen a fic writer yet who is not doing the "first lines" drabble, and I am being selfish about doing it because I feel bad asking people to write drabbles for me when I have not written them for anybody else! But everybody's doing it (yeah, yeah, shut up), and it looks like so much fun!!!! Alas.  Also, I still want you all to ask my characters questions! Ahaha, i am turning into dorrie with the repeating everything twice.  Then again, you'll note that Dorrie has fifty million and two drabbles on her meme, so.  *SELF-PROMOTES*

    And now Orphne is saying I need to stop putting my memes and challenges in the middle of big posts because they get lost.  Hmph.  Oh, well. She is probably right.  Meme and Drabble challenge to follow this post!

  • Orphne has been reading Stargate fic, and she keeps coming across terrible recs and I think that you should all point her to the good Stargate fics (Daniel/McGyver, please!) if there are any.

  • Actually, ahaha:  details! of course you want details! Collapse )

  • One final thing: in addition to all the posts and h/d discussion I have seen making the rounds this week, I have also seen several comments to the effect that JKR deliberately ruined any chance of Harry/Draco in book 5 in order to slight slashers or take the piss out of Draco fans.

    I just have one thing to say about that, and that is that the richest woman in the world has absolutely no vested interest in writing something in her books deliberately to piss off such a minor, minor, tiny tiny contingent of her fans.  And, to put it bluntly, if we as slashers think that our subversiveness extends to the point of causing J.K. Rowling to alter her text in order to do battle with us, then we need to get the heck over ourselves and start writing fanfic for someone who gives a damn.  Like, oh, Anne Rice. :D

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I have a drabble challenge.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to turn this news article, into no more than 200 words of RPS. :D

orphne: how exactly would it turn into slash?
wayfairer: that is the challenge.
wayfairer: slash! slapping! boys fighting over god! it is perfect! it is practically slash already!
orphne: except without the sex
wayfairer:  hey. 100 words, dude. anything can happen.
wayfairer: especially considering they were probably drunk!
orphne: and don't forget, fighting over presidential debates
wayfairer: i know !!  it is like something notapipe and titanic_days would do
wayfairer: only there would probably be some sort of dancing involved

Your other mission, should you choose to accept it, is to ask me questions! please! Please pretty please, if you have ever wondered anything about any of my fics, now is the time to ask my characters a question! 

*off to watch the debate and write fic and reply to previous questions!* *loves everyone!*  edit: OMG BUSH STFU YOU SMUG BASTARD.

Oh, and legomymalfoy: I have been dying of embarrassment about that laptop thing all day. :D
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"first of all, we didn't find out he didn't have weapons until we got there, and my opponent thought he had weapons!"

Cheese with your whine, Mr. President?



wayfairer: someone just asked him what he thinks ...
wayfairer: oh my god, ahahahaha.
wayfairer: what he thinks about the rest of the world's opinion about america and the war.
orphne: hee
wayfairer: he just said he's made decisions that caused people not to understand the great values of our country.
wayfairer: because understanding brute violence and totalitarianism is so hip, yo.
orphne: but we need it
orphne: with all the rampant abortions and gay sex
wayfairer: and all the sex before marriage.
orphne: oh, and those nastly barbaric muslims
orphne: nasty
wayfairer: they just don't know that they love us yet.
wayfairer: we will teach them.
orphne: we will show them Christ
wayfairer: and Straight Porn.
wayfairer: they will never look back.
orphne: no porn allowed!
orphne: not even straight!
wayfairer: straight pot lucks, then.

edit again: Bush: "How are the Iraqi people supposed to believe that going over there was not a mistake if all they hear is that we shouldn't have gone over there?"


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Oh, and before I forget:

As soon as the debate is done, go to these places and cast your vote for the person you think won the debate:

going to the following Web sites: they're all listed here, thanks to Jaci for the link! <3

This is important--these moment-after polls will drastically take the piss out of a post-debate network spin that is bound to be as pro-bush as it can get away with.  This is important. Collapse )Wow. This is the only debate I've ever seen where I felt like the spin within the debate was bigger than the spin outside of it. but then--the entire Bush presidency has been like this.

We can't let this man win, folks. Wow. We. Just. Can't.

final edit:

wayfairer: dude, the fallujah rebels beheaded the british citizen they kidnapped
orphne: yeah
orphne: it's horrible
wayfairer: tonight when bush was yelling "you tell tony blair we're going in alone" i kept thinking, we may have to if this keeps up.
orphne: but we'll always have Poland.