October 9th, 2004

it's the way of the world of you and me.

What you probably don't know is that two from the beheaded hostages from the last weeks were Bulgarians. When I heard about the first one, I cried and couldn't calm down for hours. What the fuck are we doing in Iraq? Why the hell are we supposed to follow Bush's example? What exactly are we going to get for it? Iraq hasn't blasted any building in Sofia. We are not getting any credit for being powerful and being able to conquer a country like Iraq, like America does. What exactly is the use of being there except wasting young people's lives?

I hate Bush for starting all this. I hate our Prime Minister for acting like his lapdog - a more pathetic lapdog than Tony Blair would ever be. And yes, I hope that Bush won't get reselected, because unfortunately, his power doesn't remain within the boundaries of his own country. And when it concerns my country and makes my heart bleed, then I can't remain indifferent.


I love bittorent.  My housemate gets mad at me because he says bt slows down our house network but dude. I am already at 45% of Lost x 103 and it's only been like 30 minutes.  <3333

You know what I love about being a writer? Especially about being a writer in a community?  You are surrounded by people who are all so good at what they do, but they all do it so differently, and each so well in their own way.  I have a bad habit of comparing my writing to my friends and going, 'wah, I'll never be as good as so-and-so: my writing will never be as polished as Debbie, as vivid as Alyssa, as insightful and full of detail as Rach, as full of emotion as--' you get the picture.  But the good thing about the fandom is that there are so many people all doing things differently, and doing it so well, that it's impossible to compare yourself and find yourself wanting, because when you start to compare, you realise that Prillalar will never be Zion, and Nope will never be Zahra, and Sara will never be Viki-- but Prillalar, Zionsstarfish, Nope, Zahra, Sara, Viki, Orphne, Olivia, Penguin, durendal, Tara, Dorrie, Shaggy, Sloane, Shalott, CC--everyone of them is brilliant, and all of them are brilliant in different ways.  And I love that.  Because you can't pin yourself down as being a bad writer if you can't figure out which style to compare yourself to--so all you can really do is write your own thing, and tell your own story in your own voice, make your own kind of music and sing your own special song, and, okay, clearly bowdlerized was right and that movie is having after-effects I don't want to think about.

Anyway, all of this was brought on by running across Z's commentary on Way of the World, which I'd missed before.  God, I love reading commentary on fics that I love.  And I never do it very often so I never remember how much I do.

You know what I'd like?  I'd like for you guys to tell me your favorite things about fanfic.  Fanfic in general, or fanfic specific.  Just, the stuff you love, what makes you happy, which writers you love, and why.  It's a beautiful, rainy, autumn day today--the colors outside are gorgeous and all in a swirl of fog, and I can taste Halloween just around the corner, and then Christmas just beyond, and I want to just, be happy and talk about things that I love.  And one of those is fanfic. 

So. *hugs you all*  Share your happiness with me. 
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Fic: The Reader Commentary

Dear sarahtales,

Happy late birthday, sweetheart--again.

Dear everybody else,

The above link takes you to the fic community almost_hd, and to DVD-style commentary for "The Reader."
It's a little late, but I wanted to do it for a long time, because I promised everyone who commented about it on Icarus' poll last spring that I would.  I am still overwhelmed at the response to that fic, and I just want everyone to know that I'm so touched, and grateful. ♥
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