October 12th, 2004

you’ll hear the shrillest highs and lowest lows with the windows down, and this is guiding you home

I have decided I will never get caught up on responding to all the comments on the posts in hd_discussion last week.  However, I shall try to, anyway.  This is a wonderful feeling.

Being able to look outside and see an entire window-full of gorgeous fall foliage everywhere you look--that is also a wonderful feeling.  This fall is one of the most beautiful I've ever seen, if not the most beautiful, since living here.  I hope that the colors are still as splendid a week from now.  I want them to last. And last.

Today and yesterday have been two of the most wonderful days I have experienced--this century.  They have been wonderful in the best way life can offer.  That kind of wonderful.  And it is being impressed upon me all over again how fabulous this year has been, even with its low points--how rich and full of promise and hope and serendipity and serenity.  And the autumn is glorious, so indescribably spectacular--the weather, the colors, the warmth and beauty, the feeling of harvest being upon us and all that means.  Time has never passed so beautifully before.  That song, "Time in a Bottle"--I don't know the words and I have no idea what the song is about, but if ever I could bottle time, I would want it to be now.

There is so much I want to say for how full my heart is, how full of love and joy and happiness.  And with no way to express it really, all I can do is Collapse )

and now I am off to check lj, crawl into bed, and write h/d.  ♥
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Rach has been talking about Russian literature which has me remembering that The Idiot is one of my favorite novels ever ever ever, and that I have been wanting to read The Brothers Karamazov for years but have never actually gotten around to doing so.  This in turn has me thinking of all the other great books that I have, in the past, bought with the hopless ambition that I would one day read them. 

Well. Today is that day.  I have decided to read one of them!  (Really, I just want to make a poll.  But let us pretend for the purposes of said poll that I am actually going to read the book this time.)
Poll #365287 books I own but I have never read!

Which of the following should I read?

Ulysses - James Joyce
High Fidelity - Nick Hornby
To The Lighthouse - Virginia Woolf
The Song of the Lark - Willa Cather
A Prayer for Owen Meany - John Irving
As Meat Loves Salt - Maria McCann
The Brothers Karamazov - Dostoyevsky
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Klay - Michael Chabon
David Copperfield - Charles Dickens
Love In the Time of Cholera - Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Something else?

Is it more important to finish a book you've already started, or to move on to something else completely new?

Finish the first one!
Start something else!

What book is at the top of your To-Read list?

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Like the perfect song at imperfect times. <3

It's a rainy autumn day.  Absolutely gorgeous. And cold.

Christopher Reeve died.  Of complications from a bedsore.  What a terrible way to die. I have no words. But rest in peace.

And rest in peace, Matthew Shepard.

Yesterday was National Coming Out Day.  This time last year I almost came out to my mom--as a slasher.  Which is not the same thing. But I am still too indecisive to come out as a bisexual, and even if I did, my mother would never believe that I'm "bisexual."  And if I did show up with a girlfriend she'd skip over bisexual and go to "lesbian," directly to "lesbian," no $200 for her.  Which sucks.  I think it's much harder--and I say this from an outside perspective, since I honestly don't know what the fuck I am, haha--but I think it's much harder to be bisexual than gay in the respect that you have, like, no street cred.  Straight people think you're just confused and Gay people think you're just in denial.  It's stupid, especially because most people the world over are bisexual to some degree (see Scale, Kinsey).  Still sucks, though.  and I wish I could fucking make up my mind already.

Dorrie wants us to tell her what we truly love, meme-style.  I think my loves are pretty obvious.  But here are the less obvious ones. Collapse )

Thank you for the poll responses!  they're fascinating and fun and I love that the moment somebody says "books!" everyone perks up and everyone has an opinion.  It's lovely.  I'm amazed that Nick Hornby beat out Dostoyevksy!  But since I've already started on High Fidelity anyway, I'll read that first, and then tackle the harder stuff.  Which reminds me.  That movie-reviews-for-slashers thing I wanted to do.  I was thinking that I might do it on livejournal instead, because I will never, ever, ever code the html for the site, I already know that.  I am lazy and unmotivated, but LJ I can do.  Would that be a worthy enterprise, or just more posts to filter out?

I never want to do the popular memes at the time they're going around.  Like, the unpopular fandom opinion thing is going around, and I have nothing to say.  Next week, I will be full of unpopular opinions, but I won't be able to post because the meme will be over with.  I am doomed to be left out in the meme cold. 

By the way, the ask any of my characters questions! meme is still on. Hint hint.

I have been listening to this song on loop for like an hour.  I love it.  You should too.  Enjoy.  Carbon Leaf - Let Your Troubles Roll By.
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Top 10 Uplifting Songs, gacked from the_gentleman:

1) Waiting For Life To Begin - Once On This Island
2) Move On - Sunday in the Park With George
3) Hold On - The Secret Garden
4) Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks
5) Our Time - Merrily We Roll Along.
6)  Eminem - Lose Yourself.
7) Sheila Nicholls - Eiderdown (this is uplifting to nobody but me, I imagine, but god, I love it.)
8) Belle & Sebastian - If You Find Yourself Caught In Love
9) Wick - The Secret Garden
10) Take A Chance On Me - Abba

Top 10 Upbeat Songs (because I didn't know whether "uplifting" could be considered the same as "upbeat" so, yeah:

1) Brimful of Asha - Cornershop
2) Parklife - Blur
3) Auto Da Fe - Candide. :D
4) Shoe Girl - Svelte
5) There Is Nothin' Like A Dame - South Pacific
6)  Placebo - Miss Moneypenny
7)  Kate - Ben Folds Five
8) The Monkees - I'm A Believer
9)  Simon & Garfunkel - Feelin' Groovy
10) Roam - B-52s

These are so hard! It's impossible to pick just 10 of anything you really love. BLARGH.
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