December 8th, 2004

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This is rather last-minute of me, but then, what am I if not a procrastinator? I haven't been giving out my address for holiday postcards this year, despite the numerous requests i've seen on my flist, because I thought there would be no way I could send out christmas cards this year. I didn't want to ask for any if i couldn't reciprocate.

it has always been my goal to be a person who sends out christmas cards to her friends every year. that is like one of my top 5 goals in life: to live by the ocean, do what i love for a living, perform shakespeare, see every sondheim musical ever, and send out christmas cards every year. and every year it seems like i never can do it--like i'm never in a position to do it, either emotionally or financially. i always feel like the sending of christmas cards is a yearly ritual in which i never get to partake because i never have the time or the energy to write and send out all those cards. i always wanted to become somebody who sent out christmas cards, as if it were some rite of passage into full personhood or something.

but this morning, one of the people i work with came in with a stack of christmas cards for her family and friends. this person is not someone who has any emotional or financial privileges, or any free time to speak of. and i looked and thought, dude, if *she* can write christmas cards when her life is in such disarray, then i have no excuse. i will never become a person who sends out christmas cards if i don't just do it. and the same thing goes for every aspect of my life.

so, i'm going to do it this year. it's been such a fantastic year. i want to top it off by doing the christmas card thing and doing it right. if you would like a card from me please comment with your address. and if you want to send me one please leave your email so i can email you mine--i realise i'm terribly late to the game and i won't by any means be offended if i get nothing back from you guys who asked me for my address weeks and weeks ago.

all comments on this post will of course be screened so only i can see them. will send a card to everybody who wants one.

happy holidays, everybody.
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