February 28th, 2005

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I woke up early this morning and spent an hour wrestling with the angel my story before deciding to take a rest and check LJ. Which lasted a full hour in and of itself. Gah. 135 entries from my flist in under a day. Woe is me and my poor time-management skills. Only yours truly could wake up 2 hours early and still wind up running late for work.

Who knew fairies could be so brutal? This story may finish me before I finish it.

If you only read one link today, it should be this one. If you only read two links today, then click right here for number two.

For the first few minutes this morning, I lay in the peaceful dark with absolute silence and Sarah Harmer in my head. Is anyone familiar with Harmer, or her band Weeping Tile? I listened to the song "Dogs and Thunder" for something like 6 months before I actually realised what the lyrics were about. And now, about a year later, I think that I may really, really love her. I say that on the basis primarily of this one song. But I'd love--no, I need to hear more of her music. Especially if it's all as true and real and human as this. Collapse )

Yousendit. link 1 & link 2.
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In view of Million Dollar Baby winning Best Picture, which was my prediction even though I didn't watch the Oscars and so am just finding this out--

I feel the urge to remind the world how much I hate this movie.

It is a flimsily constructed film with more stupid, badly drawn stereotypes than you'd find at a white pride Harley convention in Biloxi. I still think Clint Eastwood is overrated, and there is no way that, as suricattus reported, he's joining the ranks of Billy Wilder and David Lean. Whatever.

Film sucks. Nothing will persuade me otherwise.

*returns to writing frantically*
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