March 4th, 2005

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hello, lj. have just had to do skip 210 to catch up on friends list, and that's not counting the bajillion 'Lost'-centric posts i haven't read yet.

life is not so much with the fun just at the moment. possibly what i really need is to get laid. but what would also help is figuring out how to reconfigure my outgoing email server so it works again. if anybody could help me with that i'd be so so grateful. (And how sad is it that every time i get ready to send email to somebody and can't, i wind up thinking, 'eh, i can just comment on their lj.' My world, it is so small.)

i should be making long-overdue replies to comments and questions. but i think instead i will go to bed. i love and miss everyone, and Las?--the short answer is yes. I will. Yay.

in other news, i nearly went into a paroxysm when i discovered that my (chain!!!!) bookstore had every book of Lemony Snicket except the one I was ready to read, no. 4. Woe. Want to read it now. Will content myself with Georgette instead. Oh, Georgette. Nothing removes the sting quite like you.

*flops into bed*

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Happy birthday, eljuno! May your father's house produce many cows! And happy late birthday this week to fiendling and arisato and anybody else I forgot (I know I forgot someone).

About all this frienditto crap, I will be blunt: the biggest reason you'd use a service like this would be to sabotage somebody by making their friends-locked posts public. That's the only possible thing a service like this would be good for, ultimately--and if you're planning to be one of the saboteurs, it's not like you're going to announce it, ala, "Yes, I plan to use this, so defriend me right now!" Yeah, right.

The moral of the story: if there's somebody on your friends list that you don't trust with your privacy, or moreover, somebody on their friends list you don't trust, there's only one thing to do. And that is, ultimately, this: don't say anything on LJ you wouldn't, ultimately, be willing to stand behind if your words were made public without your consent.
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The Witching Hour Interview

praetorianguard and I are planning to schedule a chat for The Witching Hour sometime in the next couple of weekends. This chat will be conducted like a regular interview, with a variety of questions about the conference and what's happening at it, and Amy fielding them like the pro TWH expert she is.

However, I still have no questions from anyone. So I'm repeating my request from last month:

If you have any question, big or small, about the Witching Hour, be it the events, the accomodations, the logistics, the guests, the panels, anything at all--now's your chance to ask. Post the questions here, or email them to me directly at

And please, pretty please, pimp this post around to as many HP fen as possible. I'd like to have a wide variety of questions, and I know if you're like me, you have a lot.

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