July 21st, 2005

(no subject)

Gah. Most delightful JKR interview ever. I'm way way behind the times here, but dude, if you haven't, GO READ. reeeead what she says about Draco, omg. And the parallel to Regalus (!) and about the Dumbledore theories. But especially Draco. Wow. This is as explicit as we're ever likely to hear her get, I think, on her perception of him as a "redeemable" character versus a "nice" character. I have a feeling I'm going to want to digest this and then probably, I dunno, stalk Sister M's lj for a few days.

Speaking of stalking LJ, there are several posts I really want to reply to--thinking specifically of Rach and Hal and Kimmie, here. But my internet connection has been really, really spotty all week, so that I so far have only been able to get on a few minutes at a time at sporadic intervals. I'm posting this while I've got the chance to say that I'll hopefully keep up. If not--it's a big weekend, as I start moving out of my apartment on Saturday, yay--and I'm meeting thehoyden tomorrow night! We're going to have embarrassing conversations about slash and livejournal in public, and obsess over Prince of Tennis! And I'm super-excited as well because I spent all last night devouring her Hikaru no Go fanfic. It's good. Really, really really good. And I really really want more. Or possibly to beg her to write Tezu/Ryo. And the fact that I just spent two minutes typing all that instead of going and rereading Hal's TezuRyo post is pathetic, but I can't help it. Squee first. Wax intellectual second. This is the way I work.

My foot is falling asleep but I'm afraid to move it because my internet connection will disappear again. Woe.

Oh, and it is very possible that I may crash my bandwidth this month from an overdose of anime uploads. If this happens I may very well weep from humiliation.