August 29th, 2005

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So, I jokingly suggested that mneomosyne draw Echizen/Snape/John Locke, and she gave me this. GOD. The coloring. I love her use of color. I love the way she draws. She is adorable and her art makes me happy.


Why are people so wonderful. ♥

thehoyden and I watched more tenimyu last night--Dream Live 1st. Which is basically Toyko Stadium, 50,000 screaming fangirls, and the entire Seigaku cast goofing around for 2 hours. It's adorable. And then there is Shinji, who is this guy, who has my heart and love forever, because he 1) can sing, 2) plays the guitar, 3) is a good actor, 4) is SHINJI. OMG. SHINJI. Seriously, no clue who the actor is but I LOVE HIM. You know you have it bad when you start thinking, 'god, I need an icon.' I haven't quite sunk to the level of trolling tenimyu_icons, but if there are Shinji icons out there, omg. Omg squee.

I feel like I should have some sort of reason for updating. Uh. No reason. Let's just pretend that gay tennis musicals and SNAPE IN A KIMONO is reason enough, okay?
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