February 3rd, 2006

this is a question for Prince of Tennis fans.

A couple of you know that I've been working on a Prince of Tennis introductory post for a while. I've been meaning to do it for 4 or 5 months and have been actively working on the post about two weeks. Ideally I will finish it this weekend, though it may still need a lot of tweaking. It's an incredibly long post because this is really a *huge* series and an even bigger fandom, if that's possible, and there is a lot of stuff to cover. But I'm really concerned with doing a good and thorough job, and to that end, I need a little help.

Here are some things I need your assistance with, if you have a chance to share some of your favorite links:
  • Links to what you think are the most valuable fandom resources on and off livejournal. This can also include links to anything you consider to be a must-read post, either for entertainment value or other reasons; or any site you just love. Any site that's a valuable resource for the musicals/soundtracks/voice actors/purchase of swag/whatever would be welcome as well.
  • Links to what you feel are the best/most representative fics for your favorite character, pairings, and schools. Link your favorite fics of any type.
  • Things the average person needs to know before they watch Tenipuri in order to understand it better--if you've any ideas please toss them out there!
  • I would really like someone who is not me to write the section on Rikkai Dai (it's really brief!), because I can't do them justice and am not even going to attempt to try. assyrian? *hopes*
  • Representative fanart or screencaps of the characters. If you link to fanart *please* tell me who drew it because I am trying my best to credit people though I'm having a difficult time with some pics I really want to use. I'll reupload any screencaps I get to my account.
  • Anything else I forgot?

    Also, is there *cough* one of those communities for Tenipuri? Because I feel that with the advent of VLZ licensing the anime, given the crap-ass crap translation job they have done with the manga, we must band together and supply the crack ourselves before they crack down on torrent sites. And if nobody's made one, well... I'm just saying. *buffs nails*
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