February 25th, 2006

Recs, recs, recs!

Fic recs!

I overlooked 2 fics I meant to rec the other day, and now I am excited because it means I get to rec them for you now!

  • Sacrifice by kessie. Quick, clean, intimate TezuRyo drabble.

  • telegraph50free's untitled hair-shaving drabble (in honor of my horrible haircut which thankfully is no longer as horrible because i got it recut). In which Tezuka shaves his head and Seigaku will never be the same. :D :D :D :D

  • Also, two more by telegraph50free - yummy TezuRyo and lovely, lovely Kirihara. ♥

  • REC REC REC OMG REC: Rebirth by kessie - a continuation to Five Minutes Early and Perfect Strangers.

    Okay. Ria and I just spent twelve hours. No, let me say that again: 12 HOURS in a beta session for this fic on YM. Longest beta session of our lives, if you don't read this fic RIA WILL CRY, AND I WILL CRY. TWELVE HOURS, PEOPLE. BE AWED BY OUR PROWESS. Seriously, Ria is such a great person to beta for because I pretty much did everything but tie her up and pistol-whip her, and she's like, "No, this is good, I can't wait to rewrite this for the seventh time!" God. I drove her to drink at several times. We kept having to break for caffeine and other stimulants and by the end we were both laughing hysterically. But what she wrote is brilliant, and gorgeous, just like the other 2 fics in this series, and as always, just like everything else she writes.

    And now she has to write Dating Fic. :D :D :D :D :D Next time I will bring my pistol. :D :D :D :D But seriously, this fic is wonderful. Go read.

  • A Game of Another Sort by hydaspes. Ociwen, yet another talented H/D writer, writes her first Tezuka/Ryoma. And it is outstanding. I have to admit that I wibbled a bit going into this one because it is set fairly early on in canon and deals with young adolescent sexuality, which I know makes lots of people nervous with this pairing for various reasons. But she won me over right away despite my misgivings, first with her spot-on Tezuka characterization, and then instantly with her brilliant, brilliant Fuji cameos. (I have to say, for all that TezuFuji seems to be the bane of our collective existence, I've noticed that TezuRyo writers tend to do a fabulous, fabulous job with Fuji. Brava.) This is a fabulous first fic, as expected from hydaspes. Ociwen, I really, really hope you will write more for us. ♥ This is wonderful.

  • Finally, on the tezukaryouma community today, what I think may be the world's very first TezuRyo songvid has been posted. And it is beautiful. It's an AMV full of canon moments, every single one of which are strictly Tezuka-Ryoma interactions, and when you see them all lined up together, it's a beautiful illustration of the argument I've been making for some time about how well-founded this pairing is. I've never shipped anything that had this much canonical support before, except maybe Frodo/Sam :)). This is a beautiful vid. Beware of spoilers, but definitely go check it out. You have to be a member of the comm to see the post so I'm not linking it here, but if you're into the pairing or curious in any way, it's a must-see.